Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunyi at home, its just me and hubby..

Due to the busy schedules these past week, it so did not compute in my head that me and hubby dah tinggal berdua aje at home now. Huhu....

Yes, Zaryff left for boarding school, he is now in the same school as Pu3. So syukur alhamdullillah, my mission to have all kids in boarding schools tercapai. I am so happy for them. And now its ME time.... hehe..

Ni nak cover sedih la sebenarnya.... :(

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Tahun ni 2013 ni will be a bit relaxing for me. Mia dah masuk 2nd semester buat A levels, Anastasia will be in Form 5, Pu3 in Form 2 and my boboy Zaryff will be in Form 1.

Lots of things happened back in 2012, Mia dia well in her finals, syukur alhamdullillah. Anastassia was selected to be in GL, a group of future leaders, in december she went to Turkey for 2 weeks. Pu3 wasnt well and was hospitalized sebab demam satu bulan. Now still under observation, harap2 takda demam lagi lepas ni. Syukur also Zaryff got 5As in UPSR, arghh mak dia sama kena buat revision....

I put on weight lagi... aduhai HELP!!... I need to exercise la, need someone to force me to wear my 'brand new' trainers huhu.... have started to slow down in making cakes n cookies as yours truly kept on makan n makan, walaupun sikit tapi sikit2 perut buncit jugak LOL

Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 2012

Adoi memangla banyak cobwebs kat my blog ni..... :(

Updates. Syukur Mia is now doing her A levels, dapat JPA scholarship to do Law in UK. Both Anastassia n Puteri is in boarding school in the same state, senang sikit hati mama dia ni. Zaryff will be sitting for UPSR this Sept.

I've put on weight this month :(  argh. Wont be taking kuih or cake orders this year as I want to concerntrate dgn Zaryff. Am forcing myself to sit with him buat revision...

Thats all for now. Till later..... which is entah  bila.... huhu....

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Syukur Alhamdullillah

Syukur Anastassia has been offered to a different MRSM based on her PMR and UKKM exam. Dia dapat one of the MRSM Bitara, known for its outstanding SPM results. So now less headaches for me, dulu fenin because she's 4 hours away from home, cant visit much. Apa2 activities pun i cant see n dia dapat anugerah pun pun i cant witness. She will now be in the same state as Pu3. Its just an hours drive now and boleh tengok both girls sekali.

Happy sangat!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alahai lamanya tak menjenguk....

Dah lama rasanya helena tak menjenguk kat sini. Busy sangat tahun 2011 sebab all my girls ambik big exams - SPM, PM R and UPSR. Syukur Anastassia and Pu3 got straight As.

Tahun 2012 ni banyak yg akan dan telah berubah in my daily life. I guess i will have more time to myself. Mia has finished SPM and asyik dok merengek nak kerja. memang i tak expect dia nak kerja sbb i dulu pun tak pernah kerja while waiting for results. My family pun takda jugak. Syukur we found her a nice job, which would give her all the experiences needed plus would enhance her confidence level. Anastasia is in F4 and still in boarding school and Pu3 pun baru 3 days ago masuk boarding school jugak as a first former. Zaryf is in Std6 this year.

So the house is much much 1000 time more quieter than before sebab sebelum ni rumah bising pun because of Pu3 and Zaryff. Bila they get separated, mati kutu la si adik takda kawan nak sakat. Dia tak berani sangat nak kacau Mia. Mia garang! I call her the evil step sister. HAHA.

I really hope with the extra time i have for myself, i will be able to blog more often. Kita tengokla macamana sbb mukabuku mmg buat i busy jugak hehe..

Monday, July 11, 2011

July - a busy month

Seems like the month of July is busy for my kids, sebab busy with competitions and activities. Bila kids busy, mommy pun sama-samalah membusykan dirikan. It was definitely tiring rushing here and there to be with them, on top of my normal 'activities' but it was all worth it. Enjoyed myself to the max!

Mia the musician

Anastasia the debater

Pu3 the choral speaker champ

Zaryff the tarik tali champ

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Pita daging Kebab Malinja

I sekarang memang tengah kemaruk makan Pita daging brand Malinja ni... Its so so so so so delicious..... adoi, kalau ikut hati, sekali makan memang nak 2 sekali gus haha. Pita daging yg sedap sangat2..... daging dia lembut sangat and rasa daging dia awesome sesangat.... I selalu beli kat Pasar Malam on Tuesdays and Fridays at my house. Memang pantang i tengok gerai color bright yellow tu...Tapi tadi on the way from sending Pu3 to school (ada performance at hotel), I saw ada lagi satu location whereby ada gerai baru bukak... yeay.... i terus bought 1.... and terus ngap..... huhu.... heavenly babe :P

Hubby and anak2 pun suka bila they all try..... so now if nak beli kena beli utk satu family....hehe

Macam ni la gerai dia... tapi gambar yg ni i ambik kat internet jer..

Makan pita rasanya tak kacau my diet kut.... :P  Kan?