Friday, August 04, 2006

Sorry for not writing for so long..

Hmmm.... sorry for not writing for so long.

Its been a year now.

Mia is 12, Anastassia is 10, Puteri is 7 and Zaryff is 6.

Mia - Mia has blossomed into a beautiful girl. She was nominated as Head Prefect. She got the Penolong Head Prefect but was given the Secretary position because cikgu taknak orang melayu conquer the top 3 posts..... I was contiplating whether I should complain but in the end decided not to...... (the chinese girl who got the Penolong Head Prefect is a class B student with no koko!)

Mia is the President of the Yellow House for 2006. And on sports day, Yellow House became the champion! It was a moment to remember, Mia holding the huge Yellow House flag waving to the crowd as she went to the school podium to collect the trophy.

Mia was also selected to be the Vice President of Kelab Kebudayaan, Secretary to the Swimming Club and Secretary to the Taekwondo Club.

Mia went to Kelantan in June to compete in Choral Speaking Peringkat Kebangsaan 2006. Although she did not win but I was very proud of her. She was the lead "actor" and acted the part "Nick". She really received a lot of attention, especially on her English accent and face expressions during the performance. No wonder I got a personal "Well Done" and "Congratulations" wish from the Guru Besar.

Talked to the teachers in charge of Perfects. Mia was selected as "Pelajar Contoh 2006" due to her constant high achievements in both academic and kokurikulum. They plan to have her picture, biodata and achievements pasted on the Prefect's Bulletine Board.

Sometime in July, Mia was also selected to become a Buddy Arithmatic. One month earlier, all maths teachers interviewed the 10 students that was slected on their time table, maths formula and maths knowledge. Mia passed the interview and now has the authority to sign other student's buku sifir. She has to wear a special badge and a tag. (With all the badges, name tag, tag on her, I wonder whether her tudung tak menyelorot ke bawah...)

Anastassia - Anastassia was excited to start the year as she was just selected as a prefect. However, i was a bit suprised to see her struggling, considering that she is independent compared to her shy sister who does not seem to have any problem when she first became a prefect last year.

Anastassia was selected as the AJK for Taekwondo and Bowling.

She was selected to represent the school in Group Singing. Anastassia cried when they got the consolidation prize.

Anastassia was also selected to go for the bowlers selection for the State. Although Anastassia did well, she was not selected. She was really disappointed because she did see the Head Judge put her name in the list. However I guess the other 3 judges did not pick her.

Puteri - Puteri is getting mature by the minute. She lost several teeth and it makes her look so adorable. She is a bit playful compared to her elder sisters.

Zaryff - Zaryff has shown interest in studying his ABCs and 123s..... He has lost some of his baby fat. Can't really believe that he will start school next year.