Friday, February 20, 2009

Back to the Blogging World... yeay.....

It has been a while hasnt it?

So many things happened around the same time that I just needed time out. Life is a bit different for me now, but hey I'm not complaining. Infact I'm enjoying it. All the worrying before, mmm.... buang masa aje..... hehe...

I was retrenched in December. It was a big blow to me although I knew that sales demand has been low for quite sometime. For the first time since i finished my studies almost 20 years ago, I am jobless. I felt numb. I felt so small. And I would never ever thought that the feeling would disappear in just 2 days! hehe..... thanks to hubby for the emotional support. I also made the decision that this is it. Early retirement for me.... yeay.... I'm just not in mood to start over at a new place, AND especially knowing that it would be a miracle to get a job 5 minutes away from home and with the same salary that I used to enjoy.

Ah, baik duduk rumah, enjoy melayan the kids... and then kebetulan something came along, and since its related to education, memang i minat sangat2 although I'm not the type who would cari income like this. I'm doing it part time, so adalah jugak extra income. But the most important thing is I love doing it because its education related...

Now ni tengah terasa sangat that having 4 kids ni sebenarnya takla ramai sangat. The house seems a bit bigger, rumah macam sunyi aje. Only me, hubby, Pu3 and Zaryff aje at home. Yeap, Anastassia dapat masuk boarding school. I am so happy for her. Having said that, bab nak masuk asrama ni is a nightmare to me. I am still sore about it, so less said about it the better. Incase you're wondering, its a technical issue.... just because she got more than one offer. Okay nak tutup buku la.... but she is so so lucky to get that school. Fullstop. Taknak cakap pasal benda ni la... for now la..... hehe

Zaryff is now in the midst of competing in the State level Swimming Competition. Since its his first, I do not expect any medal. Pu3 could not compete although she was eligible. Her school malas nak buat pemilihan and just ambik budak-budak tahun lepas. Good la.... macam ni ke Cluster School? Pu3 was very frustrated, kesian dia.

Pu3 ada Art competition this Saturday. She's also busy practicing with her Choir Group. So at least tak terasa sangatla pasal hal swmming tu.

I started on a diet 2 weeks ago. I tak makan nasi..... kalau teringin sangat i jamah sikit la..... So far I gave lost 6 kg..... ok tak? hehe.... so another few kgs to go for my desired weight. I hope i tak fail and gained back the weights i lost. It did happen before tau.... So nak buang nafsu makan i ni jauh2..... hehe

Read that some of you bloggers met up yer..... Jealousnya!!!!!