Friday, November 19, 2010

OMG.... lamanya tak update blog!!!

I failed again..... i failed to keep my promise to update this blog of mine regularly.... :(

Am now busy..... busy with nothing actually hehe just day to day activities.... daily things that need to be done....

Now tengah layan my latest craze.... which is cooking and baking! Let me be honest here, was never a good cook.... coz tak minat before this.... tak minat langsung. I baked once in a while.... but now i cook like theres no tomorrow... and i bake every few days......

Few weekends ago, as i again sent homemade food to my eldest kat asrama..... she asked me "What happened to you mama?"

The 2-3 restaurants where i selalu bought food asked "Mana pegi, dah lama tak datang?"

HAHA.... i guess i must have knocked myself on the head while i was sleeping kut.... coz THIS is definitely not ME.... LOL

But I'm loving every second of it :P

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lamanya tak menjenguk....

Salam Ramadhan pada semua. Dah lama betul Helena tak menjenguk blog ni.... dah berabuk sungguh....

Tak lama lagi nak Raya.... i started my shopping raya today... ingatkan nak beli baju melayu Zaryff, tapi tiba2 entah macamana, stering kereta berpusing sendiri ke Pearl Haya.... haha they are having their 1 day grand sales tadi .... I like! Meriah la membeli tudung tadi... InsyaAllah Merdeka ni will bring the younger kids shopping baju Raya. Then next week layan the kakaks pulak menshopping.

My new anak daras will be back home this Friday.... Yippee.... cant wait for them to come back home.... esp si adik yg jauh sangat sekolahnya tu.... Anastassia tahun ni  has a big responsibility. She was selected as the Vice President dalam Badan Wakil Pelajar. Presidentnya of course la pelajar lelaki kan...  (tak aci, she said LOL..... yelah dulu sekolah all girls, dah biasa aim no 1 spot) In other words, she's the Assistant Head Prefect la...... (Tahun lepas she was the Treasurer)

Taken earlier this year in uniform, when she was the Treasurer for Badan Wakil Pelajar

Mia pulak just came back from overseas trip.... dia perform kat sana... best betul they all jalan2..... Siap ada high tea dengan Ambassador kat Malaysian Embassy.... She was also selected to be in 1Malaysia Orchestra... This would give her a lot of experience, playing along side other musicians from other SBPs, IPTAs and working adults.

Mia in purple n red, at the Great Wall.

Puteri has blossomed into a young girl.... tapi still manja..... ish budak ni.... kakak dia dulu takla semanja dia at this age. Zaryff pulak still suka menyakat Puteri..... Both of themla yang meriuhkan rumah Helena....

 These 2 kept me on my toes day in day out.....

Have yet to bake cookies.... Bila la nak start yer.....

Adoi... its been a long time since I last wrote..... macam kekok la pulak....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kids, exams, bags, beadings......

Am now sitting with Zaryff, coaching him with his maths. Ish penat betul nak melayan si hero sorang ni. Pantang i look the other way, cepat ajer hilang nyer. At this moment, as i mengadap laptop ni, dia dok pegi kacau Sabrina sambil nyanyi2 la pulak..... sigh. Bila la nak siap revision maths pun, i tak tau.

Anastassia called me pagi2 subuh tadi....

"Mama, please talk to me! Say anything to motivate me, please..... Kita rasa malas sangat nak belajar for exam.... I'm freaking out la, i dont think I have time to prepare!"

..... so melekapla i kat handphone trying to give her semangat and all...... this call akan selalu sampai pada I everytime dia nak exam....

Mia pulak lain style dia. This is what she told me yesterday when I met her.

"Mia, make sure you ask your friends on Add Maths or Physics if tak paham, okay? I expect you to maintain your results, if not better"

"Ala, Mama. Dont get your hopes too high. Tak sempat nak belajar la, Mama"

"Janganla cakap macam tu..... eh did you just woke up? Rupa macam pasau ajer?"

"Yela, Kita tidur. Ngantuk. Last night I stayed up studying"

Dalam hati..... okayla at least the effort is there walaupun cara she replied tu a bit worrying.

Am a bit busy with my handbag business.....Syukur we have quite a lot of orders and sales is good. I prefer sending the handbag personally to my customers, so last week, asyik lepak kat Midvalley aje la.... hehe..... itula tempat port i sekarang.... lepas jumpa customer, window shopping la.... if terlajak..... terus shopping jer haha

Am also in the midst of doing beadworks again.... dah nak Raya kan..... tengah carik masa nak belajar advance class la.... And I suka sangat jahit crumble.... geram! And the interesting part was, ada pulak yang nak upah i jahit manik, they all terkenan dgn the designs on my baju and on the kids baju..... mula2 memangla i cakap No, i buat utntuk diri I aje.... tapi last2 tak tercakap No.... huhu.... so i buatkan untuk kawan2 yg beriya2 pujuk..... lepas tu rasa best la pulak.... then rasa macam tak cukup ilmu lagi and tula sebabnyer nak belajar lagi ni.....

Alamak... dah 3:30pm.... okay sambung later kay. Need to go to KLIA to pick up bags from a friend yang baru balik dari London..... See ya!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jom tengok Batik.....

Its been more than a year since i last worked in an office, am now enjoying myself to the fullest being a stay at home mom. Best betul duduk rumah and dapat manage the kids myself. Though i do miss time gaji and time bonus..... hehe.

Just so that i tak become bored, a few weeks after tak keja tu, I started buat biz Score A, a product that my kids have been using selama ni. Then almost a year later, a friend who is residing in UK ajak pulak buat biz designer handbags

And terbaru, kawan from Trengganu pulak ajak buat biz batik. So check out my new biz ni yer... The name is THE BATIK....

Best pulak buat business ni yer...... this is definitely a new passion of mine.... :P

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


i woke up tadi ok, ceria.... memang lately I've been a bit upbeat sebab banyak things to look forward to. But after picking the kids up from school tadi.... i guess after reading an email..... i tiba2 jadik sayu... sigh. Now cant seem to stop that feeling. The sadness in me tiba2 membuak2....No, it has nothing to do with the contents of the email.... cuma a word or two in it reminded me of something.

Hmmm, I'm the type yang suka keep things to my self. On the outside, Imay look happy and bubbly tapi yela, whatever problems I have semua bottled up in me. Sigh. Am now forcing myself to think of good happy things..... I hope this dam wont burst la....

One of the disadvantages being an only child. You have no one to share things with. There are things that i just could not share with my best friend, tak terbukak mulut ni.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sorry la yer.....

Hi there!

Would like to apologize for the long long silence. Have been busy doing I dont know what..... hehe. Uruskan the kids, day to day chores, and entah apa2 lagi la.... hehe.... oh ya and FBing also kut.... huhu....

Ni just finished watching The Biggest Loser Asia..... and it was a bit shocking to see an unhealthy, haggard and sickly looking David....... and also rasa a bit annoyed to see other contestants yang kena eliminated before this still chubby and round..... except for Hafiz and Gary. Very contrast la with US contestants walaupun ada yang went back as early as week 1, their transformation was very visible.

School hols coming soon.... cant wait for the kakaks to come back. Mia balik Friday but Anastassia balik lambat, maybe Tuesday kut as she's going to Langkawi for her Perwakilan Pelajar trip. In April, she will let go of her post and she decided that she will not run for this year's election. Maybe Form 4 la kut.... So kena ambik balik her white and black baju, return the blazer and keluarkan balik baju sekolah dia yang i hope i know where i put..... huhu

Pu3 is busy with her Choral Speaking, her first competition will be tomorrow. She's also looking forward to her birthday party this weekend. All my 3 girls have had their birthdays this year. Cepatnyer masa berlalu. Mia is now sweet 16, Anastassia is 14 and Pu3 who has in the recent months blossomed into a young lady is now 11. Zaryff pulak semakin montel... and as maknyer pun put on weight, after exams nanti will start jogging with him..... hehe..... boleh caya ker?

Btw, check out our new bags at Click N Clutch kay.....

Until later....


Saturday, February 06, 2010

MY POLO Boutique

Syukur MY POLO Boutique started opening their doors to the public last week. Tapi baru soft launching la. Great opportunity to those yang minat baju Polo and definitely a huge opportunity pada siapa yang nak cari extra income. Yup, we are looking for biz partners, people!

My hubby memang pakar dalam bab2 tshirt ni, so this is his passion. Having had experience supplying for SUKMA, governments, etc tapi yang paling i suka bab2 bila dia menang top sales by sports brands. The best that he won was a 14 day tour for 2 (yup, me included) to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Hawaii. Banyak lagi free trips yg hubby dapat dulu eg Thailand, Philipines, etc....

So now he's venturing into a slightly different biz, although in a way it is similar.

Jom tengok gambar.

MY POLO Boutique

Polo TShirt for both men and females

Lots of colors to choose from

You can customize what logo and designs that you desire

Also available are kids sizes, polo dresses for girls and jubah for muslims

Modern Fit design for Men

 Mini Cut design for Ladies

 Biz partners wanted! Can generate income!

Zaryff in Modern Fit Joyful Red Polo Tshirt vs Pu3 in Mini Cut Sakura Pink Polo Tshirt.

I have yet to update the pickatee2010 blog. Will let you know once that's done. Meanwhile, whoever is interested, please contact 018-3781800 or 012-363 8363.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cool Polo Tshirts!

Pada siapa yang minat polo tshirts.... yang ada nombor2 tu ke, etc, ada lots to choose from, banyak colors, banyak designs and logos available. You can customize it, you can personalize it.

You can either buy, or be part of our biz team. Memang lebat income dia.

Yesterday ada one family of 6 order. Dia nak semua color hijau, tapi hijau yg lain2.... cool sangat. Another family of 4 pun order color red different shades. And i pulak tengah tunggu our family punya color theme.... blue.... yeay.

Those interested, check it out at Pick-a-Tee

Do let me know what you think!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

2010 started with a bang!

The first few days of 2010 was tiring..... Mia left for college after Christmas. But her baju, books and things still banyak kat rumah. So i had to make sure everything is washed, ironed, packed. And hantar kat dia the day before school starts.

Once done, terus pulak siapkan barang Anastassia. Memang rasa nak pengsan sebab kali ni i kononnyer rajin and tak hantar baju ke dobi.... Menyesal tak sudah! SUmpah menyesal!

To make things worst, mengelap and bersihkan locker and katil Mia and Anastassia pun i buat....Something yg i takkan kasik they all buat sebab benda tu berabuk and all. Since the kids pun macam i, allergic to dust, i taknak they get sick pulak. Biar mak dia sakit, tapi anak selesa start belajar kat sekolah....

So after both anak dara's dah settle down kat asrama.... and Pu3 and Zaryff pun dah start gi sekolah... dengan dukacita diumumkan yg HElena terus DEMAM..... hehe dah agakpun....

Now feeling a bit better.... malam tadi i upah myself something yg dari dulu nak buat tapi no time..... tengok AVATAR......

Bestnyer AVATAR.... nasib baik i tengok, if not rugi.... though deep inside i terbayang2 Anastassia yg teringin nak tengok tapi tak sempat nak tengok.... so i feel a bit guilty la....

The house jadi kapal karam bila kids balik for hols.... now dah housekeeping Part 1 and PArt 2..... so tinggal part 3 and part 4..... hehe.

Sambil tu nak start baking again..... want to try out Jamie Olivers punya brownie recipe..... or anyone ada baguz punya brownie recipe? Then nak start buat beads..... and banyak lagi la....

By the way, I dah suka pulak ber biz ni..... Saja2 hehe..... Kali ni biz tshirt.... tshirt nombor2 tu..... boleh customize, logo pun banyak to choose from.... a lot of colors to choose from..... and boleh dapat extra income lagi..... Siapa interested let me know kay.....

I baru tempah 6 tshirts for the whole family. Semua color blue.... tapi semua different type of blue..... Lepas ni nak order all green, different types of greens also (hubby nak) and red (Pu3 punya request)

Siapa nak tau more, i boleh story2 lagi.... ada tshirt, ladies fitting tee, jubah... etc.... mcm-mcm.... and yg bestnyer boleh dapat income tu..... :D