Monday, January 22, 2007

My weekends

My weekends are usually hectic. Saturday will be full of Art Class, Mandarin Class, Smart Reader and Swimming Class.

On Sunday 21 Jan, Puteri FINALLY was upgraded to the 7 feet pool (from the 4 feet pool). Mmm... she was scared at first and even tried to convince the swimming coach that she is not ready yet (yeah... right) but the coach just smiled her and carried cute and petite Puteri to the deeper end. When the class ended, she ran straight up to me and told me how FUN it was being in a deeper pool. I gave her the "I told you so" look. The reason was that she was supposed to be upgraded much earlier, but Puteri refused. Penakut sikit anak mama ni.....

Zaryff is improving also. He is brave, so my problem with him when he's in the pool is that he would tend to go to the deep area whenever the coach is not watching. He almost lost his step once and went down the pool, tercungap2 and terbatuk2 terminum air but being boys... I guess he has yet to learn from that incident....

This weekend was less running here and there for me as it was a Public Holiday, so no Mandarin classes and no Smart Reader. Phew....

Talent Time

It was the day to remember.

Although it rained cat and dogs at first, and my pants and shoes got soaked, the day proved to be one of the best days in my life. First I could see Mia after 5 days, and second because I can see her perform!

As usual I brought along my video cam and camera. Mia came out to sing 30 minutes into the performance. She sang without music (they just found out that the cassette was not available and it was to late to change songs) Her voice was commendable, dia menyanyi penuh perasaan, she gave her all, that girl of mine..... I was so nervous that I could not hold the video properly. Entah apa2 mama ni....hehe

I thought that was it, and was quite frustarted knowing that the video wasnt taken properly. At the end of the show, as the penutup the whole batch had to sing 2 songs. And my little girl and her duet friend came out again and sang a song each, in which the rest of the batch sang the chorus part! She was actually heading the Form 1's. She stood in the middle of other students, singing and dancing and glowing ... my.... She is really enjoying herself. I can tell that she's really letting her hair down. Sebak dada mama, I can feel myself bursting with pride... I felt so proud of my girl as I can see that she is embracing her new life with such confidence and ease.... venturing into area that she had never explored before.... this is a new Mia..... a better Mia.... and as I had always told her. "Mia, you have all the opportunities in the world. Pls be less shy and be more aggressive"

I'm so happy because I feel that she has so much talent, yet her shyness prevents her from going further. Although she excelled in school academically and very active in koko samapi dapat anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang Koko, with all jawatans that she holds.... deep inside I know that if she is less shy.... she can become an evern stronger individual. She had made me proud when she came out tops in class, then continuously the school's top 10 student, then presenting the State/School on numerous occassion.... but on 19 Jan 2007, I felt different.... the glow on my face was different. Knowing that once she proves that she can perform on stage, she is now capable in doing lots more..... debates, public speaking, and other areas that requires standing in front of a big audience.... (tapi anak mama jangan nak nyanyi lebih2 .....hehe)

My darling Mia, the Orientation Week has ended. My hope for you is to continue to be Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang in both your studies and koko activities. And you can have the world at your feet.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Zaryff started std 1 this year. After 3 girls, it was really a new experience to buy school uniforms other than baju kurung and pinafore..... hehe.

On the first day of school (3 Jan 2007) we arrived at 7:30 am! Luckily the perhimpunan has'nt started. Got caught up in the traffic jam on the way to my daughter's school. Zaryff didnt think the 1st day of school is a big deal and he showed his "selamba" look most part of the morning. He only became excited when the bell rang for recess.

Anastassia and Puteri was excited to start the year too. They understood that I had to go to their brother's school on the first day. However, I did go to their school for a while to show some support, esp to Puteri.....

8 Jan 2007.... Mia's registration in boarding school. She was so happy, and her confidence showed. Deep inside, I really thank her teachers in primary school for molding my firstborn from a shy and timid girl to a person with such strong personality. She was saying hello here and there to other new students, peramah jugak anak mama ni..... I'm also seeing a new side of her today.....

Her dorm consists of 8 beds, its airy, comfy and clean. In the evening, as I waved her goodbye, I told her to call whenever she's free, at least once and latest by Friday so that'll I'll know what she needs on Saturday.

I slept that night, fully aware that there was less one child in the house. I waited by the phone just in case she calls. uh-uh the phone stared back at me. Tuesday passed by without a peep. Wednesday.... Thursday..... I started to get restless. FINALLY she called at 5:30pm on FRIDAY.....

Her voice was cheerfull and she said that she was fine. During the short conversation, I realized.... that my firstborn does not even miss me!!! sob...sob.... (although deep inside I'm happy as this means that she's adjusting well to her new environment)

Mia said that she was selected as the class Assistant Monitor and she has to sing solo (or duet) for the Orientation Night. I almost laughed out loud as although she has a good voice, she would never sing in public... esp on stage.....

I'm still adjusting with not having Mia with me every day. I also make a point not to let her know how much I'm missing her. Which is hard because I am close to her more than my other children as she has matured at the age of 11, and we can talk about anything under the sun. (No, I dont play favourites but the other 3 are kids and immature, so the relationship is different)

Can't wait to go and see her performance afterwards.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Good Start in 2007

Its been ages since my last entry.

Let me summarize 2006.

Mia got 5As, She was selected to join the Photojournalism workshop organized by NST and British Council and was chosen to be one of the editors for her school magazine.

Anastassia was selected to train under the State Bowling Club for a week, in which Mia later joined as well. Anastasia won 1st prize in her school's Art competition.

In the yearly Anugerah Cemerlang, Puteri stunned everyone for getting no 3 in aliran (and off course no 1 in class). It made us extra proud when we realized that she was the only malay in top 10 for Standard 1. Mia and Alyssa for the first time did not get any Anugerah Cemerlang (their frustration was visible) although Mia did get the best student for Seni Lukis.

The best news of the year was when Mia was chosen to enter one of the most prestigious boarding school in the country!!