Sunday, April 22, 2007


Helena memang berharap sangat nak dapat anak twins. Especially since my grand-aunts are twins and my uncles are twins. Hubby's side lagi ramai twins - his granduncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and also a set of triples.

So in every pregnancy, I will make sure that my gynae checks whether there's more than 1 heart beat in my tummy. Helena akan tanya in every visit, until week 16. Bila dah week 16 tu, mmg confirmla bukan twins kalau tak dengar2 lagi 2nd heartbeat tu kan.....hehe

Dan sahlah, dah tertulis Helena ni tak akan dapat anak twins..... hehe... dan kedaipun dah tutupkan.....

When the kids were small, I will always dress them alike. Mia and Anastassia will wear the same baju/patterns but with different designs. Bila Puteri and Zaryff come into the picture, I will buy his and hers baju, normally a dress for Puteri and a Tshirt for Zaryff. (They started to protest taknak pakai baju sama at around kindy age)

As Puteri and Zaryff grew older, and them being only a year apart, I can see them really bond with each other. Zaryff being a boy, is catching up with Puteri, when height is concerned. And since Zaryff is chubby (typical hubby) and Puteri is slim and lanky (typical me 10 years ago), as I see them today, they look like they are in the same age.

They have a lot in common, they play together most of the time, wherever they go they'll have their arms around each other and it dawned on me.... they're acting just like twins!!! hehe..... jadilah kan.

The pictures above were taken at the clinic this afternoon.

The picture below was taken at McD just before our 1:20pm show - Mr. Bean's Holiday. (aargh... boringnye.... but funnyla)

You might realize that in all pictures Puteri would be pointing at something. As I said before, Puteri ni kalau cakap macam bertih jagung, cakap nonstop and she's very inquisitive about things. Whereas Zaryff is the playful type, typical boys la kan.

Yang bestnya, Puteri akan explain to Zaryff every single thing that comes through her path. So in a way, menyenangkan Helena la sebab pergi mana2, dia akan explain educational stuff and facts to Zaryff. And Zaryff would really-really listen attentively. Siap ada Q&A sessions lagi.(Kalau kita nak explain, dia buat donno aje.....) Hehe.... (thx Puteri.....)

Puteri and Zaryff being the youngest two, will always be my babies. Just like Mia and Anastassia who will always be my anak dara.......... hehe......

Friday, April 20, 2007

School Competitions

First , wanna update on Anastassia's choral speaking. Sad to say that the decision stays. I'm upset although Anastasia has resigned to the fact that it's a goner. Anak dah boleh let go tapi mak still geram lagi ni. But too bad, I cant do much about it. Tapi sorryla ye, my faith towards the system dah gone, malasla nak cakap apa2 lagi.

After this, if there's any announcement about the emphasis of koko keluar paper, I tergelak ajela.... boleh kan?

Well, on a cheerful note, I met Mia few days ago. Dia wakil sekolah in Choir. Although her school didnt win, it was a good attempt as it was their first try after several years tak masuk Choir Competition. Yang menang is the school that Mia was supposed to go if Mia tak dapat SBP dulu. (and her primary friends punya school) Their peformance was superb, memang an eye opener for me. Infact the entire Pesta Muzik was a new experience as it was the 1st time Helena tengok competition sekolah menengah.

I was impressed to see the tarian tradisionals and tarian rakyats performed by the competing schools. To me it was even more interesting than the ones showed on RTM or TV3. (hehe, Im not joking) Ada part2 yang I rasa tak sesuai pulak untuk school kids but, well tarian melayu memang ada usik mengusik antara lelaki and perempuan kan.... Well,I really had a great time, it was very different to the primary competitions that I always frequented.

Anastassia hasnt been so lucky lately. She entered a colouring competition lately but didnt manage to win. Well, she didnt really do well in the colour mix, so her painting did not stand out. I consoled her to make this a lesson, and make sure she doesnt do the same mistake again, esp in the next drawing and colouring competition scheduled in June.

Puteri also took part, since she's a first timer, we did not expect much. Although she did not win, but her colouring was quite good. Ada 2-3 orang dok mengadap dia color from the time she starts sampaila habis, Puteri was amused by the attention. She could have win too, tapi her background tak cantik. I have to get Anastassia to teach her how to do background with crayon or water colour. Puteri buat pakai pensil colour aje utk background.....

Anastassia was chosen for both Choir and Pertandingan Bercerita, but had to let go one acara as it was held on the same day. She was also chosen to take part in the National Robotic Competition which will also clash with another competition, so kena let go satu jugak. Kesian pulak tengok dia.

Yesterday she was so down, because dia lambat register for a KL trip with her schoolmates, sebab dia ingat dia taknak pergi because she wants to enter a Rekacipta Competition (held the same day). But when she found out that her invention is very costly, and dia tarik diri sebab no time to invent benda lain, dia ingat dia bolehla pergi KL trip tu, and just found out that dah tak ada tempat. Mmm......

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Contact Lenses

I started to wear spectacles shen I was in standard 3. We were at the A&W Drive-in, when my dad asked "So what do you want, Helena"
I said "menu dia mana?"

"Just read the menu at the big board" my dad said referring to the giant menu just in front of the drive-in parking.
"Taknak baca kat situ. Nak menu kecik tu jugak" I insisted.
"Helena, kenapa ni? Cepat cakap nak order apa" My dad pandang I semacam.

"Helena, baca menu kat board tu, papa nak dengar" My dad asked, after staring at me for some time.

"Mmmmm...." I dilly dallied.

"Helena tak nampak, ye?" My dad asked again.

"Tak......." I replied softly.

I was a specky girl throughout my schooling years. When I look at my old pictures, I noticed that the frames I had masa sekolah rendah and lower secondary, semuanya frame toye-toye. My glasses became much nicer in my upper secondary.

When I was doing my A levels, I brought up the courage to get myself contact lenses. This would be the first time that I buy something expensive on my own, and knowing that the purchase is against my parents instructions. "Lena, jangan nak cuba2 pakai contact lenses. Do you know how dangerous it is to have a foreign thing in your eye, hygiene issues and all?" They repeated told me.

I wore my contacts without their knowledge. Whenever they come to visit, I would rush to the toilet to take out my contacts and capai my specs. Pening tau, tukar2 macam tu.

I finally told them the truth just before I finished my studies. They were not that angry. Infact they were not suprised. Hehe.... I guess I ada terkantoi with them without even realizing it.
Ni nak ceta pasal my ex-boss kejap ye.....

My bosses at my current company are mostly Americans expats. (I dapat boss baru every 3 years) When I had a German boss few years back, working environment at the office was fantastic. This expat memang rugged betul. His hobby is playing his electric guitar. He is a workaholic, but he makes work fun for all of us.

On his 1st year, on my birthday, he came up to me at 8:30am and said "Hey Helena, Happy Birthday" He gave me a present with a card on it. "And Helena.... you can take the day off" he continued.
"Excuse me, what did you say?" I asked, as I thought I heard wrong.

"I said, you can have the day off" He smiled.

"Why.....?" I knew I sounded dumb.

"Because I think that you deserve to have a good time on your birthday." he started to look at me strangely.

"Oh....Ok.... thank you" I said, still not believeing my ears. Tak pernah orang buat macam ni kat company ni.

(In the end, I still keje jugak hari tu. Padan muka. Last minute nak buat report, in which kena submit the next day. Padahal report tu i boleh buat dah seminggu dah. haha. Padan muka I!)

eh keluar topic sikit takpe kan...?

Ok, Bila I start keje dengan boss German ni, I tension sebab every time dia gi oversea, mesti colour mata dia berubah. His eyes are green, but would turn gray bila balik overseas.

Jealous la I tengokkan.... so thats when I started to get coloured contact lenses. He just came back from US, and knowing that his eyes will be gray, I belilah contacts gray colour. (Tak kuasa pulak nak mata hijau) Hehe. Tapi takboleh pakai lama sebab rasa gatal2 pakai coloured contacts. Texture dia kasar sikit. So burn lah RM300 hanya sebab nak mata sama colour dgn bos mat salleh. Hehe.

Oh Ya! There are 3 statements yang akan I ingat my boss ni comment pasal I. (Yes he is my favourite boss. I love this guy)

"Helena, your table is such a mess that it looks like a bomb just landed there, but it's amazing that any information needed from you, it's all at your fingertips" His comment pasal meja I yg forever berterabur.

"Helena runs the place, not me" He loves telling VVIPs this.

"Helena! Congratulations! You are a fast worker, both in the office and delivering babies!" He exclaimed when I called him at 9am saying that I've delivered a baby boy. (I called him at 8am saying that I'm on the way to the hospital)

Oh... sambung cerita contact lenses. So even today, I were contacts most of the time. I only pakai specs after Maghrib. Everyday. I hate wearing specs now. The weight of the spec on the bridge of my nose gives me a headache. I tried to stop wearing contacts, but I cant, because of the headache.

So adakah I akan pakai contacts sampai I bercucu cicit? Sampai gigi I rongak?
Note : Kelam kabut ke my entry ni? Sorry la ye.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Real Story

Okla, I share the 2 incidents here :

Incident 1

Anastassia is in her school Choral Speaking. Last week competition peringkat Zone, they lost and hanya dapat no2. So for the first time in 5-6 years, mereka GAGAL untuk ke peringkat Kebangsaan. (Lepas peringkat Zon, ada competition peringkat Negeri lagi)

We are not sore loosers. Tapi we know for a fact that our school was the best. In fact, when all 15 schools performed, our school was actually in a different league. They were far way better in every aspect, pronunciation, movement, coordination. They were so great that unlike other teams yang dapat tepukan at the end of their performance, our school dapat tepukan SEPANJANG persembahan.

  1. We sent a letter of complaint to PPD and Jabatan with a CD as proof, comparing the school that won and our school. Performance wise, nampak sangat our school yang patut menang.
  2. The fact that the Head Judge had a grudge against us. And nampak clearly the judges conferred during the performance, which is against the judging regulation.
  3. And Head Judge ini juga guru Choral Speaking sekolah dia, in which our school always beat her school every year to be no1 in the state. So nampaknya with our school out of the way, sekolah Head Judge ni boleh la dapat no1. Pandai tak STRATEGY dia?

And yang kelakarnya, the school yg dapat no 1 tu actually USED our script that we created and used in 2004 (or 2003). Tapi the judge pulak boleh condemn yg our school pun pakai script lama.... padahal our script tu mmg our teachers create 2-3 months ago!

Nak pronounce the word "father" and "mother" pun tergeliat jadi "pade" and "ma-de", boleh pulak dapat no1. Huh!

Incident 2

This incident dah selesai. I have met with the school and they have assured me that they will monitor the situation. Nak tau cerita dia?

Mia was physically attacked by another Form 1 and this was done WITHOUT any provocation on Mia's part. Mia was punched and kicked bertubi2.

The attacker was lucky that Mia tak defend or balas. As Mia said "kalau tak, teruk budak tu kena, mama..."

Mia was just a month away from her Black Belt grading when she stopped her Taekwondo lessons (for the time being), so you can guess her strength. Dia practice sparring pun dgn secondary boys, and Mia also pernah wakil Negeri in Taekwondo. But then budak yg attack tu pun ada Yellow belt Taekwondo, so dia tau basic attacking, so sure sakit kan. Tapi Mia tetap keep still bila ditumbuk dan ditendang bertubi2.

Ada few other girls pun kena pukul dgn this girl, but Mia yg kena paling teruk. Pada I, this girl nak lepaskan frustration with her family problems. She is crying out for help, in a way.

I thank the school for its fast action. And buat masa ni, Helena anggap perkara ini telah diselesaikan.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Ada aje halnya.....

2 incidents happened the last few days. Pening jugak memikirkannya.

One of the incident, mmg betul2 memburukkan profession sebagai seorang guru. Sekolah anak I became a victim in this. An official complaint has been made sehingga ke peringkat tertinggi. Kesian tengok my daughter and her friends menangis, they were the victim of a teacher yang mempunyai dendam kesumat.

The 2nd incident clearly shows how the breakup of a family effected a child, to make the child retaliate physically terhadap pelajar2 yang tak bersalah. This has been solved, but as a parent of one of the victims, I need to have a chat with the school HEM to ensure the safety of my child in future.

This entry tiada kena mengena dengan CK, although I was informed by a teacher that during the PIBG AGM meeting, quite a number of teachers overheard bagaimana CK kutuk I. (dia duduk directly belakang teachers) It shocked the teachers it seems, but i couldnt care less to even ask what was being said by CK.

Oh Ya, last Wednessday, CK ugut a teacher sebab the teacher refused to give anak dia jawatan Presiden in Kelab Taekwondo. (Opps, Anastassia is eyeing that position next year, should she lepaskan that jawatan so that tak kena hassle lagi dgn CK?)

mmm..... ada-ada aje kan......

Monday, April 02, 2007

My Weekend with Mia

Mia told me that the performance in KL was fantastic. Apparently PM was not there but Hishamuddin was. It seems that Hishamuddin was so impressed with the group. I told Mia to recite them to me.... and then understood. The script was amazing (created by the seniors) and to have it in 4 languages (English, French, Arabic and Japanese) makes it even more electrifying.

Mia came back home on Saturday for a few hours. Went to the nearest shopping complex to do some shopping with her. Back home, she spent most of the time on Friendster. And also borak2 with my parents in the Study Room.

I am very happy to see Mia enjoying her college life. It is a dream come through for her. I still remember the conversation I had with Mia when she was in Std 5, when she just came back from a Kursus Kepimpinan peringkat Kebangsaan in Selangor.

"So Mia, how was the kursus?"

"Best sangat, mama. I was selected as the Ketua Kontingen for my state"

"Oh, Good for you. Ramai ke budak2 Sabah and Sarawak?"

"Ramai..... best dia orang, dapat nak plane untuk berkursus."

Then suddenly, Mia kept quiet. Air mata dia bertakung.

"Mia..... kenapa nangis ni" I was starting to get panicky.

"Anything happened there? Ada budak2 kacau Mia ke?" I asked again.

"Tak......." and continued to cry softly.

"Answer me, Mia. Did any boys kacau Mia? Usik Mia?" Risau Helena, knowing that mereka tidur di hotel for 4 days, and campur lelaki perempuan. As a mother, risaula kan, sebab selama ni Mia in all girls school..... takde masalah kena bercampur gaul dgn boys.

"Tak adala... mama" she wiped her tears.

"Then confide in me, there must be a reason why you cried. Please tell me, Mia......" I pleaded.

"Mama, I missed my new friends. Best mama, tidur ramai2. Then pagi2, solat sama2, breakfast sama2. Do activities together. Mia suka cara macam tu mama. Best sangat2. I love the setting, the surrounding, the atmosphere..... I just dont want it to end......"

"Sighhhh......" lega Helena dengar.

"Mia, macam tu la sebenarnya duduk di asrama. If you like it, then Mia belajar kuat2 untuk UPSR, doa kat Tuhan agar dapat masuk asrama okay."

"Ok mama..." said Mia, while opening her autograph book, which is now full with the addresses and phone numbers of her newfound friends.

So, I was not suprised when I see Mia adjusting nicely to the kehidupan berasrama sekarang. She's enjoying her school life and sometimes it makes me envious, as I know that she's going to experience the best 5 years of her life there, a home away from home.