Monday, January 24, 2011

My kiddies

Mia is now a senior. She in a room now (no longer in a dorm) due to the jawatan she has in college. This year is SPM year. Sigh.... i feel so old la pulak. I am very very worried as she's still active in band, and will continue to be active until, around July I guess. Currently, tengah sibuk practice for a performance with Bunkface. During last hols, got a call from  her cikgu Band, asking her whether she's interested to join him buat performance in KL. I left it up to her, hinting to her the 1 month a year tuition that she will need to forgo if she accepts. She declined.

I am very worried on her preparation for SPM. Kalau boleh nak suruh dia keluar band... sigh....

Anastassia is schooling 4 hours away from home. Jauh rasanya. Dulu tak jauh, just 1 1/2 hours aje. Shes the Vice President for Badan Wakil Pelajar (BWP) so basically she holding the no2 position la. President dah tetap mesti boy.... No2 baru girl. She is always busy with her BWP duties, baru-baru ni, they all kena organize orientation week for Form 1 baru.... I told her to take a step back from any competitions this year. Kena concerntrate for PMR. If debate, boleh. Yang lain2 tu @story telling, public speaking, choral speaking, taekwondo..... kena tinggalkan tahun ni.

Pu3 will be sitting for UPSR this year. Syukur alhamdullillah, she's doing okay so far. Since kakak2 in asrama, Pu3 la yg selalu teman i if pergi mana2...... She put on weight due to my constant baking... hehe so dia tak kurus macam dulu lagi..... She looks great and can see that shes blossoming into a young lady. Oh and syukur dia baru Khatam Quran last hols.

Zaryff is in std 5 but i worry about him nak sit for UPSR next year. Although he is in the A class, to me he is not at the level that i want. Alahai boboy ni asyik nak main aje... to me he is still my baby.... much to his annoyance... haha.....

Actually to be honest, I'm not in the mood to write tapi kalau tak tulis, bersawang la lagi kan.... So, sorry la kut tulis lintang pukang...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WELCOME 2011!!

Its been 2 weeks now that we're into 2011. Mia left for school earlier @ around Christmas coz ada band camp. And we sent Anastassia on 2nd Jan, very early in the morning as its a 4 hour journey. Reached home at night, to a tongkang pecah house.... hehe

This year would be a soon to be stressfull year for me i guess..... Pu3 will be sitting for UPSR, Anastassia for PMR and Mia for SPM!!! adoyai...... AND also yg paling critical so far, my boboy Zaryff would be in std 5.... need to get him to buck up BIG TIME!

In case u're wondering, I havent been baking lately.... coz tengah diet huhu..... hubby started it first, and for the first time since we got married... he lost those inches rather than putting on more! I jealousla kan.... So now i pun dok minum the milk that he drinks.... kgs lost tak banyak sangat, but the inches lost was SUPERB!

So kesianla to kids esp Pu3 sbb i put baking on hold.... but i still masak sedap2 for them la kan. And also for me.... since i kena jaga my food intake....Can eat lots of food, but have to avoid carbo.

I think i would be blogging more often now (sure... sure....)  sbb dah boring pulak dgn facebook..... hehe

Have a great day Peeps!!!