Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WELCOME 2011!!

Its been 2 weeks now that we're into 2011. Mia left for school earlier @ around Christmas coz ada band camp. And we sent Anastassia on 2nd Jan, very early in the morning as its a 4 hour journey. Reached home at night, to a tongkang pecah house.... hehe

This year would be a soon to be stressfull year for me i guess..... Pu3 will be sitting for UPSR, Anastassia for PMR and Mia for SPM!!! adoyai...... AND also yg paling critical so far, my boboy Zaryff would be in std 5.... need to get him to buck up BIG TIME!

In case u're wondering, I havent been baking lately.... coz tengah diet huhu..... hubby started it first, and for the first time since we got married... he lost those inches rather than putting on more! I jealousla kan.... So now i pun dok minum the milk that he drinks.... kgs lost tak banyak sangat, but the inches lost was SUPERB!

So kesianla to kids esp Pu3 sbb i put baking on hold.... but i still masak sedap2 for them la kan. And also for me.... since i kena jaga my food intake....Can eat lots of food, but have to avoid carbo.

I think i would be blogging more often now (sure... sure....)  sbb dah boring pulak dgn facebook..... hehe

Have a great day Peeps!!!


somuffins said...

Salam Helena, how are you? Do u still remember me??

I have a concern about my blog appearing on your side bar tu.. It shows Alkisah '3 years'. That would mean I've not been updating new entries walhal I do update every other day. Funny kan?

Helena said...

hi somuffins!!!

itula kan.... i pun heran. thanks for letting me know.... i baru aje betulkan... looks okay now... eh betul ke dah ok.... let me know if benda tu still tak betul kay... appreciate it much....

so how r you.... am planning to blog more often now. part of my new year resolution... :P

Eh saw ur blog sekejap tadi.... buat kuih ke? Tak sempat pulak baca... will visit later today insyaAllah.

Take care sweetie!

zarin said...

hi kak helena

wow!! suma ada big BIG exam ths yr eh! good luck to your kids and you too ;-)
kak, i pun nk loose weight but then i cannot diet arr...tk tahan nk makan ehehe...

glad to hear that u plan to blog more often ths yr ;-)

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

kakkkkk...miss u soo much!

ooo layan FB yaa patutla lama tak update..

okla tu azam baru..nak lost weight! eheheh susu ape tu duk minum sampai leh kurus..sy pon nak la..ekekek

kami sihat2 saje kak..n yes, my boboy dah masuk 1 tahun setengah!
lama betul akak tak jengah blog ya..tu yg terkejut badak tgk my boboy dah besar..ahahah..

tahun mencabar ni ye..ade 3 exam besar..hope semua ok
anak2 akak kan terer...:-)

selamat berdiet!

somuffins said...


Thank you for the speedy action, cewah. It looks good now.

I'm OK as kembang as ever, hehe. Have a nice day Helena.

Anonymous said...

Good work. Always keep submitting!

Helena said...

zarin.... haah 3 big exams. mmg boleh tension big time tahun ni... hehe

kena diet la zarin, after i started my love affair with my kitchen, many thanks to you... hehe.... i pun dok takboleh stop makan.... so badan naik tah ingat dunia... huhu

Masak, as usual la kan.... but i dont bake now... tak boleh la zarin.... nafsu makan membuak buak HAHA....

Mmg rasa frust tak dapat nak try resipi2 you yg best2 tu :(

Helena said...

rose... tula tgk boboy you dah besar... Soklan cepumas.... bila dia nak dapat adik? hehe

itula sibuk ber facebooking sampai lupa dunia blog. Tak senonohkan..

MInum SK11, rose.. okla... tapi belum dapat achieve target... sebab dulu terlebih la naik sbb pagi petang siang malam dok makan kek aje... huhu

so jom kita diet.... (tapi malas nak jog boleh tak? huhu)

Helena said...

oh so muffin.... rupanya kita sama2 kembang HAHA...

take care sweetie...

Helena said...

Thanks Anony.... thats what i plan to do.... :D