Monday, April 13, 2009

Still busy..........

I predict a busy week ahead.

Mia came back last week for a 5 day holiday. Somehow time flies, whatmore with ferrying papa to and fro to the hospital. Tengok-tengok dah kena send her back to college. Sigh........

Papa is still not well. He worries himself over petty things, which would worsen his condition..... I guess it is true when they say that doctors make the worst patient.

I miss Anastassia so much..... I know she's overwhelmed with a lot of things..... I wish I can visit her, at least can give support but with papa like this, I just cant. She just came back from her Public Speaking competition, in which she lost to her Form 3 opponents. Tiba aje college she had to do her Campaigning Speech. Her college buat Pilihanraya untuk pilih prefects for one week.... and Anastassia was only around masa 2 days, Saturday she gave her Speech, and Sunday called me after all the votes came in saying that she got it! Ada 2 aje tempat for Form 1 and she got it! It seems that she was also chosen by her teachers to be in the Disciplinary Board.... but since she got the prefects thingy, so automatic she cant accept la. It might be interesting to see which portfolios she'll be heading. I'm sure its the easy ones coz seniors sure ambik portfolios yg besar2....

Mmm...... kena beli baju baru la ni..... sebab prefects pakai baju color lain....

She's so active in college that I fear for her exams end of the month. Nasib baik her Taekwondo competition up north will be after the exams. Anastassia? Taekwondo? Mia asked. Hehe.... She's in Bowling Club, but I guess because of the color of her belt in Taekwondo, Sir import dia untuk wakil college kut. First time la ni for her.

Pu3 is excited with her coming Choir Competition this Wednesday. I hope they are able to squeeze through the State Levels. Chinese schools memang terror bab choir ni...

Oh..... did i tell you that I'm wearing my new specs now? Hubby chose the design for me. When I reached home, I asked Pu3 and Zaryff.

Me : "Cantik tak mama pakai specs baru?"

Pu3 and Zaryff : "Cantik..... "

Me : "Betul ke?"

Pu3 and Zaryff : "Betul mama.... cantik......"

Me : "Mana lagi cantik, mama pakai contacts ke... pakai specs?"

Pu3 and Zaryff : ~no answer~

Me : "eh cakapla kat mama.... mama nak tau...."

Pu3 and Zaryff : "pakai contacts lenses mama......" they answered very softly.

Sigh..... maknanya I'do better buy some lenses for functions ke, weddings ker..... mmmm......

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Just not in the mood

I'm feeling down at the moment, so I'm just not in the mood.

I accidently poke my eye last week. and therefore had to forgo my contacts and wear my glasses instead. Burukla pulak nampaknya my specs tu. I guess i need to make a new one, esp now that I'm thinking seriously of using the specs 24/7. Takkan sampai tua pakai contacts kut.....

I'm worried of Papa. I hope he'll cheer up and not worry too much.

I'm worried about Anastassia too.... sigh..... she's a worrier like her Atok too..... and like me also, if I may admit.

Pu3 and Zaryff bergaduh is getting to my nerves..... They are getting too much, I just cant stand it. Tak berhenti2 shrieking and shouting, bila kita kasi warning pun, buat donno aje.... sigh..... Jangan tunggu Helena naik hantu sudah!

okla..... i better stop before i naik angin kat sini.... hehe