Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still not in the mood

I still feel down. Anastassia's results really hit me hard. You might think that I'm over reacting, well my friends think I'm going bonkers for nothing, but i just cant shake the feeling off.

Anastassia risks losing a lot of things at school with this bad result.

I feel bad for Puteri and Zaryff. With the results that they had, I should have jumped for joy, I would have straight away dragged them to the toy store. But I cant. I just couldnt. Semangat ni dah hilang betul. Helena cover line saying that I'll buy them presents this weekend, but dalam hati ni, memang rasa bersalah pada mereka.

Puteri dapat jadi best student. Yes she got no 1 in aliran. Zaryff pulak got no5 in class and suprisingly no8 in aliran. I can see the smile on his face when Mia puji dia "wow, my little brother is not bad. Masa kakak Mia std 1 pun, kakak Mia dapat no8 in aliran. Tapi kakak Mia dapat no1 dalam class..." Zaryff replied "Takpe, mama kata yang penting nombor dalam aliran" Zaryff was beaming ear to ear when his teacher suggested to me that he deserves a present for his good results. (Ai.... lebih-lebih pulak cikgu ni)

Mia pun dapat report card last week. I was not happy with it tapi kasi chan kali ni.

Puteri won her first colouring contest last Saturday. Although it was only a saguhati prize, tapi okla kan. Dapat hamper besar just for saguhati....... (still tak berbukak lagi hamper tu kat rumah.... zaryff dah sebut few times yg dia nak bukak kan)

Anastassia's choir team also won saguhati. OKla jugak sebab peringkat Negeri.


Zaryff finally pandai buat breast stroke. So now tengah belajar back stroke and butterfly. He is already a pro at free style.


Today is my maid punya last day. Biodata maid baru pulak tak sampai, it seems sekarang tak banyak biodata. Dah ada biodata pun take some time to process. Pengsan Helena, berapa lama takda maid ni!


Mmmm........ I need something to cheer me up!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our children

I'm just not in the mood. There will be a report card day this week and I'm just so not in the mood.

Anastassia did bad. And I mean really really bad. Even Puteri and Zaryff's good results could not light up my spirits. And i took it badly as well. Enough said. Nak cerita pasal benda lainlah.


I've noticed lately of a trend among parents, though I hope it doesnt become a trend.

A has 4 children. A works while wifey is a housewife. A informed me that his son who is in Form 1 this year, has not been living with them since he was in std 5. A sent his son to his uncle, whose children are all in Uni, in which A said that his uncle (who is a teacher) would be the best person to prepare his son for his UPSR and to discipline his son, compared to him.

B has 6 children. B also works, wife is a housewife. B sent 4 of his children to his parents kat kampung, which is half an hour away. B and wife would balik kampung to visit the children every weekend. Reason is, B is busy with work, wife is busy with 2 smaller one at home, so not enough attention given to the other 4 kids. They've been doing this for almost a year.

C has 5 children. C's mom nak jaga one of her grandkids. So C's son yang no 2 tinggal with grandma for several years now.

I do not want to be critical. But I just dont understand the thinking of somebody else can take better care of your children better than you. Is it an act of lepas tangan? Although I do understand C's dilemma sebab nak jaga hati mak dia.

To me there is no reason to split up adik beradik. Unless money is a big issue, whereby parents are too poor and do not have the means to raise and give proper education to their children.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Snippets during the holidays

Let me share the bits of pieces of what happened during the school hols.

1. Our weekend hideaway

- Hubby suprised us all when on the 1st Saturday during the hols, he brought us to our condo that has been empty since I bought it 3 or 4 years ago. He furnished it all by himself! As he is good at decorating and designing, it was no suprise that everything in it looks so perfect. I love it. The kids love it. Although secretly I think that the TV shouldnt be 29 inches as theres not much distance between the tv and the sofa.

The condo would be our weekend hideaway, as staying with my parents would be the best environment for the kids. Kat condo manala ada study room, so susah the kids nak concerntrate with homework. With the pool and playground kat bawah, I doubt I'll be able to make the kids study if duduk situ. Helena pun entah2 asyik pegi gym aje.... hehe

2. Swimming

Zaryff is a better swimmer now. Helena rasa, anytime now he will be upgraded to the 7 feet pool. This hols, Helena dapat rasa that swimming would be fun for the kids now as Zaryff does not need to play in the childrens pool anymore..

Puteri was ecstatic when I told her this. She immediately asked me to bring them to the pool at the hotel which I am a member. The pool which has slides and stuff is the best pool in our town.

I only managed to bring them there once after the Genting/Cherating trip. Zaryff was really like a water baby. He was swimming underwater most of the time. Puteri was in cloud 9 to have her "twin" play in the big pool with her.

Anastassia outgrew her swimming suit. As I was not in the mood to get her a new one, I asked her to use Mia's old one which was only worn twice. It fit perfectly. The funny thing was that Mia had that swimming suit when she was 6 yrs old!! Haha.... can still visualize chubby Mia masa dulu.

3. A trip to the library

Our state library had some renovation done recently. I heard from my friends that the children's section was really comfy and bright and fun. Their computer room was also fantastic.

Zaryff was excited when he saw the computer room. He begged me to make him a member. I did (along with Puteri) . They spent an hour in the computer room. And boy.... he thanked me nonstop for the next few days. (Gayatnya.... Macamla kat rumah takde computer....hehe) The kids also had fun reading the numerous new books there.

It reminded me that small things that we do for our children, really do have a big impact to them, cometimes without us realizing it.

3. The movies.

Went to see Shrek 3. The kids loved it. I was bored. Mia was more interested in watching Waris Jari Hantu. But didnt manage to as we had no time sampaila sekolah reopens.

I told Mia, she should have went with me bila I ajak on the first Monday of the holidays. But masa tu she declined because she was more interetesd chatting with her friends on the computer and updating her friendster. Last2 terus tak dapat tengok. But I guess she wouldnt have cared much, ai.....dah obsess dengan friendster la katakan..... hehe.

4. Mengaji

A lot of mengaji was done during the hols. Anastassia is now only a few pages away before she can khatam. Puteri is in Juz 16, whilst Zaryff is in Juz 2.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Double Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

Cuti kali ni, we went all out. Its been quite sometime that we went for a holiday as a family. (Last Nov/Dec holidays tak pergi mana, I was drowning in my projects)

First we went to Genting Highlands. It was a first for Anastassia, Puteri and Zaryff. (Mia selalu pergi, most of the time ikut her grandparents-my dad everytime my dad meeting kat Awana)

The kids had a blast! Mia and Anastassia rode all the thrilling rides. (Terasa pulak Helena dah tua, dulu memang gila naik roller coasters, sekarang jangan harap!) Puteri and Zaryff also had a fabulous time at the kiddy rides. Compared to the other holidays that we had, I would say that ALL 4 kids had fun at Genting. Memangla a great family holiday kat situ. We stayed at the Theme Park Hotel, which is really where the outdoor games are located.

The kids also enjoyed the Snow World. Dapatla merasa budak2 tu main snow. It also reminded me how much I hated snow. Hehe. Before balik, Mia wanted to experience the Pontianak Adventure. Since Anastassia takut, Mia suruh I teman. (I hate hantu2 stuff) I said yes sebab taknak Mia miss out anything. Tapi last minute Mia decided not to. Phew!

From Genting, we drove to Cherating. Stayed at Holiday Villa Cherating. The food there was great! And cheap! After having to pay for RM5.50 for a roti canai in Genting, terasa sangat murah kat Cherating. Even kat R&R on the way to Cherating pun, I borong fruits, munchies and junkies sebab terasa murah sangat. Ha! Ha!

Had a relaxing stay at Cherating. Hilangkan penat, after the nonstop activities we had at Genting.

My brain is still on holiday. So I'll make this entry short this time round. But suprise... suprise.... there are pictures!