Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Musim Sakit

Chicken Pox

I did not share much about the demams yang the whole family kena last week.

It was bad. I was on MC for 4 days. In fact sampai sekarang pun I dont feel quite fit, my body still ache and my throat is still sore. After the batuk and demam for a month in May, it was really frustrating to fall sick again, all because of the dust caused by the renovation at the house.

Whilst I was hit hard because I'm allergic to dust, Anastassia had mild fever and didnt go to school for a day, the same goes to Puteri and Zaryff.

As I thought everyone was getting better, last Thursday I got a call from Puteri's teacher asking me to pick Puteri up from school as she was having red spots on her palm. Since there was a HFM (Hand Foot n Mouth) case a month before in school, they werent taking any chances about Puteri's condition.

Went to the family GP who also found red spots kat tapak kaki and in the mouth. Puteri was suspected to have mild HFM as she was not having fever.

On Friday, Zaryff complained of headaches. Tapi Helena buat tak layan bec the week before dia complain the same thing and tak pergi sekolah and spent 24/7 depan tv and main computer games....... So I insisted Zaryff go to school.

As I fetched him at 12 noon, I saw him monyok menunggu kat guard house, rupa2nya he was still having his headache. I asked him to break his fast immediately in the car (guilty sesangat la tu) and prepared lunch for him as we reached home. He slept right after.

That night he showed me red spots kat tapak kaki..... but sebab tak banyak, i didnt bring him to the clinic.

On Saturday, more red spots kat tapak kaki, but since tempat lain clear, still did not go to the clinic.

On Sunday morning, his hands and arms and buttocks penuh dgn red spots, and banyak yg membelon macam nak pecah. His spots are different from Puteri's, tapi yg kat tapak kaki tu sama.

Yesterday, after having blood test, Dr kata its chicken pox. And after discussing with Dr, it looks like Puteri pun maybe bukan mild HFM tapi mild chicken pox. (Tapi heran sbb spots dia kat hands, foot and mouth aje. Red spot dia pun hanya red spot, yang mengelembung macam Zaryff cuma ada 2)

But it made sense la. All my kids ada chicken pox vaccination. So IF kena chicken pox pun, it would be mild. Itu yg buat semua confuse tu.

Mia was exposed so many time dengan kawan dia yg kena chicken pox, pernah tidur sebilik masa they were in Trengganu, kawan2 dia yg sebilik (theres 6 of them) semua menyangkit kena chicken pox, except for Mia.

Mia balik last weekend, I hope dia tak menyangkit and I hope Anastassia pun tak menyangkit...

Mia came back for the weekend

I really looked forward to having Mia back. I missed her so much as I didnt got to visit her since puasa started as kita orang semua demam.

The first thing Mia said bila masuk kereta was :

"Mama, malam ni buka kat hotel tak?"

"Ha? Buka kat Hotel?" We would make it a point to open fast at a hotel at least once every year, and with all the kelam kabut I totally forgot that since Mia is in boarding school, this weekend would be the only time we can do it as a family.

Suddenly my handphone rang.

"Helena, this is Alice from ABC123 Hotel"

"Hey Alice, whats up?"

"Just to let you know that we have vouchers for you and you can collect them on Sept 25"

I was already smiling. Due to my line of work, I would always get vouchers from the hotels that I normally frequented and have business with, most of the time the vouchers will be given during puasa month.

"Thanks Alice, your call ni memang betul la good timing" I laughed.

"Ala Helena, bulan puasa kan.... mesti you want to come over for berbuka kan?"

"Alice, is it possible for me to collect the vouchers....... say ....... tomorrow?"

"Alamak, tak boleh la Helena, our GM belum sign lagi"

"Oh yeke..... because my girl balik from asrama this weekend so I was thinking of using the vouchers either today or tomorrow, but maybe tomorrow la kut....."

"Helena, memang tak sempat...... mmm....."

"Ye ke......"

"How many of you Helena?"

"How many of us?"

"Yes, how many of you yang nak datang berbuka?"

"Mmm.....7 kut...... kenapa"

"Make it like this la Helena, vouchers memang confirm tak sempat, but you tell me when you want to come over, it's my treat"

"You're kidding right.....?" Terperanjat Helena because although I always get free makan, but it was always when I was dining with Alice's boss (Alice is still new, in fact I've never met her), but never with my family.

"No, I'll just put you under my account, you'll be my guests....."

We went on Saturday night, the food was fabulous, the best compared to previous years, the spread was never ending, and..... its free!! hehe............

That reminds me, I plan to give a token of appreciation to Alice sometime today.....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The First Week of Ramadhan

Bulan puasa menjengah kembali. Kali ini a bit tiring sebab tak ada maid, furthermore my dad buat renovation - upgrade all the toilets in the house so penatla kena mop and berkemas everyday for 2 whole weeks.

1st day

Zaryff wanted to follow me to Pasar Ramadhan. Dia nak Rangka Ayam Goreng (or whatever u call it), so I bought one and let him carry it. Then I continued cari the dishes for the family yang telah diorder awal2.

Dalam membeli barang2, i stopped and nak mintak Zaryff tolong pegangkan plastic yg ringan2. And punyala terperanjatnya as I saw him munching, with one hand in the plastic bag!!!

"Zaryff! Kenapa Zaryff makan???? Kan Zaryff puasa????"

"Zaryff lapar sangat.... Zaryff lupa......"

"Zaryff, mama nak tanya, Zaryff sengaja makan ke, Zaryff tak sengaja?"

"Zaryff tak sengaja mama....."

"Betul ke? cakap dengan mama betul2."

"Betul mama, Zaryff terlupa...."

" OK kalau terlupa, keluarkan balik apa dalam mulut tu. Jom kita pergi kumur mulut"

I dragged him to the nearby toilet (nasib baik it was very2 clean) Zaryff kumur mulut, siap buang air kecik lagi......

"Dah mama..."

"Come, I need to buy Tau Foo Fah for Puteri"



"Zaryff haus...... sebab makan ayam tadi....."

Sigh.............. However, I just told him to be patient, lagi satu jam nak berbuka.......

2nd day

ALL of us demam and batuk2 because of the dust at the house.

3rd & 4th day

Because the dust was so bad at the house, we stayed at the Condo during the weekend.

And that weekend i realized betapa PENTINGnya a microwave especially time bersahur. Argg... Mengada ke Helena? But seriously, to heat the dishes one by one without a microwave is really driving me nuts!

Mmm..... looks like we need to get one for the Condo.

5th day

As usual the kids left for school at 6:40am.

At 7am, got a call from Anastassia from school. "Mama, kita terpijak taik kucing. Kena kasut. Banyak sangat....."


6th day ( yesterday)

Spent the afternoon watching TV with the kids. Watched Jangan Pandang Belakang and CH77's The Sextuplets and the Twins........ Best sangat......

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Still busy.....

As I'm still so very busy, do enjoy the pics below.

Puteri and Zaryff having fun at the Taman Basikal during the hols.

Zaryff and Puteri, as usual spent most of their time together during the hols.....

Puteri with her "Kalam al-Jamae'i" group representing the school in a JQAF competition. (That's Choral Speaking in Arabic). Bangga rasanya tengok pelajar2 Tahun 2 berchoral speaking dalam Bahasa Arab. (They got 3rd placing.) Thanks to Pak Lah's brilliant idea to implement JQAF in SK schools. (Puteri is seated no2 from left)

Zaryff practising with his Sir to prepare for his first grading.

Last Monday, Zaryff officially received his Yellow Belt from his Master. He was grinning ear to ear that day.....

Puteri, who made her family and her teachers proud with her August results. Pictured here trying out a new swimming suit.
P/S : Anastassia won 1st place in another Art competition, Puteri won 1st place in a Science Quiz competition, Mia went to Putrajaya (again) to perform infront of VIPs and Zaryff soiled his pants in school again. (arghhhh....)