Saturday, February 06, 2010

MY POLO Boutique

Syukur MY POLO Boutique started opening their doors to the public last week. Tapi baru soft launching la. Great opportunity to those yang minat baju Polo and definitely a huge opportunity pada siapa yang nak cari extra income. Yup, we are looking for biz partners, people!

My hubby memang pakar dalam bab2 tshirt ni, so this is his passion. Having had experience supplying for SUKMA, governments, etc tapi yang paling i suka bab2 bila dia menang top sales by sports brands. The best that he won was a 14 day tour for 2 (yup, me included) to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Hawaii. Banyak lagi free trips yg hubby dapat dulu eg Thailand, Philipines, etc....

So now he's venturing into a slightly different biz, although in a way it is similar.

Jom tengok gambar.

MY POLO Boutique

Polo TShirt for both men and females

Lots of colors to choose from

You can customize what logo and designs that you desire

Also available are kids sizes, polo dresses for girls and jubah for muslims

Modern Fit design for Men

 Mini Cut design for Ladies

 Biz partners wanted! Can generate income!

Zaryff in Modern Fit Joyful Red Polo Tshirt vs Pu3 in Mini Cut Sakura Pink Polo Tshirt.

I have yet to update the pickatee2010 blog. Will let you know once that's done. Meanwhile, whoever is interested, please contact 018-3781800 or 012-363 8363.