Thursday, January 31, 2008

When time is scarce

I was super busy the for the last few weeks.

Arranging new school transportation for the kids, because the previous one nak start berniaga pasar malam. Ha, padanla muka, hantar lagi kat sekolah jauh-jauh.

Mia continued her Taekwondo lessons at the centre, and ferrying her to and back to college in F1 manner is also leaving me out of breathe.... However, Grading will be this weekend.... so lega sikit la nanti.

Anastassia with her tuitions, yang paling tak larat Smart Reader Puteri and Zafry, cant complaint much as I was the one who insisted nak hantar to a good centre, although its far from our house.

I feel sorry for Anastassia, she has so much to do with so little time. Being a senior prefect, banyak tanggungjawab dia. She also insisted to go for her Taekwondo grading, homeworks are a loadful, she's also busy with tomorrow's Sports Day, which she is House Captain, kena training lumba lari, lepas tu kena buat persembahan Taekwondo. Next Monday, masuk debate competition, then she's also in Choral Speaking. Bowling pun next week....... (i plan to suggest to her to drop bowling this year)

Adoi, the first 2 months of the year is always like this.

I also feel sorry for Puteri, she insisted that she wants tuition. (hmmm...) dah dia nak blajar, layan ajela, lagipun tempat tuition tu somewhere belakang rumah. However, kesian jugak sebab dia kena forgo her afternoon naps....... But since she was the one yg eager for tuition, dia memang berkobar2la.

Zaryff pulak, having a great time at school. His teacher is not strict, so lepakla dia. Helena la yg pening kena monitor lebih, I've come across several homeworks not done..... mmm.

Remember I mentioned that I have a short term target for Mia and Anastassia? Well, Anastassia punya still on. But Mia punya, I just had to let it go. Tak logic pun since she's in boarding school. Actually I was hoping that she can join her Taekwondo Team for Japan this May.... but for her to do that, she has to train at the centre for 3 hours every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. And obviously that is not possible. I've accepted the fact that, masuk boarding school means she has to forgo Taekwondo at the centre, esp since even at college pun dia tak pilih Taekwondo as her Kelab Beruniform. (Taekwondo at centre and Taekwondo at college are under different Clubs)

Oh one more....... Puteri dah pakai specs!!!! Arghhh..... And Zaryff will follow suit in a few days time.......... Frust Helena...... huhu.....

Gotta go.....

Monday, January 07, 2008

Looking Forward for 2008

Finally, we are now in the year 2008. And I'm looking forward for a fantastic year!

The year started with the sending off of Mia back to asrama on 2 Jan. She moved to a new block, hence a new dorm..... a bigger one too.... Its a bit too big for my comfort but hey, I'm used to 3-to-a-room back in my MRSM days..... hehe..... but it looks like she's not complaining... Helped her mengelap her locker and bed..... and letak wrapping paper......

That night, I had a hard time sleeping, after 2 months with my firstborn, its quite hard to let go again..... and i started smsing with other moms yg anak masuk asrama and found out that I'm not the only one feeling sad and empty.....

mmm.... funny, I cant seem to recall what i did on Jan 3rd....

Anastassia, Puteri and Zaryff were excited to start school on Jan 4th. I sent them earlier than usual as Anastassia has prefects duties as early as 7am. Puteri who will now be in std 3 will be having new classmates as they started streaming.

I went to Zaryffs school to pay the school fees. School fees that I have to pay this year :

1 - Anastassia = around RM300
2 - Puteri = around RM90
3 - Zaryff = around RM230 (last yr was around RM350)

Anastassia's fees are high because of the kelas bimbingan fees. Zaryff's is because of his IT classes. This time round, Helena tak bayarpun duit insurance AIA tu.... i wonder I did the right thing...... Mia punya tak tau lagi.....

While paying the girls punya school fees, I made sure I went to see all the std 6 teachers, immaterial whether they teach Anastassia or not. Saja tanya khabar, considering all of them will do latih tubi with the std 6 students few months before UPSR. Some teachers memang dah tau, this year adik Mia will be in std 6, and it seems that Anastassia will be getting the same teachers as Mia 2 years ago.

I also went to see several std 3 teachers.... Puteri's class teacher said that she's looking forward to have Puteri in her class, after having had both Mia and Anastassia few years ago. "Nak tengok, Puteri ni perangai macam Mia or macam Anastassia" she said, smiling sweetly.

Free text books this year such a relief, and it was really a suprise to see Zaryff getting new books. Anastassia of coursela dapat new books because she was the pioneer batch for Maths and Science in English. However, kesian Puteri, the books that she got was quite old and some torn.... so I retrieved Anastassia's old books (same syllabus) from the cabinet and gave it to her. Jenuh jugak nak mencari buku2 lama tu.....

And sejuk hati Helena bila the first two days sekolah tu.... Anastasia came back from school, terus pergi tuition, and once back from tuition terus habiskan homework and buat mapping. I hope she will continue like this sampai bila-bila............ UPSR this year..... Helena harap ada kejayaan untuknya di akhir tahun nanti.....