Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol started with a bang last night. I have picked out my favourites, cant just resist David Archuleta's charm. This boy is just 17 but wow, the minute he starts crooning, you wouldnt think that he's that young. I'm also looking out for Michael Johns, Danny Noriega and David Hernandez.

Cant wait to hear the girls showing off their talent. I hope I was as lucky as last nite, to be able to spend time infront of the black box. I watched the repeat at 11:30pm, at that time Zaryff was already asleep whilst Anastassia and Puteri were still doing their homework. Poor Puteri, she slept late last night, normally dia tidur before 10pm. Pasal homeworkla, apa lagi..... the school memang kasi loadz of homework. The kids came back at 5pm from school sebab ada Kem Bestari Solat. Itu yang lambat start homework tu.

Syukur, Anastassia seems to have no problem at all with her Head Girl duties. During koko, she was selected as the Pengerusi for both Robotic Club and Bowling Club. Her friends gave her a new nick name - KP for Ketua Pengawas. But Anastassia said that it can also be for Kim Possible..... hehe ye la tu. Now, whenever I fetched her at school, I can hear her friends chanting, "KP...... KP..... Bye KP......" as she walked out the small school gate....

Last night, after fetching Zaryff from Smart Reader, we passed by IPD (Ibupejabat Polis Daerah) whereby Zaryff read out the IPD signage.

"Ibupejabat Polis" Zaryff read.

"Mama, ni office ke, mama?" Zaryff asked me.

"Emm...." I said, malas nak layan, I was too engrossed listening to an old song.

"Ooo... emak-emak ajer yang boleh datang kerja kat sini ye?" Zaryff asked again.

"Huh?" Helena baru nak pay attention kat dia.

"Zaryff tanya, office ni untuk emak- emak aje ke, sebab ini office Ibu pejabat." Zaryff repeated, a bit louder this time.

Haha!! I burst out laughing and kenala explain kat dia what ibu pejabat means. His next question was "What about ibu negeri, mama?"

Mmm.....its going to be a looooonnnnggggg drive home..........

Monday, February 11, 2008

Congratulations Anastassia!

The 2008 short term target for Anastassia has been met today. She was officially announced as the Ketua Pengawas this morning.

Selepas menyandang tugas dan memangku jawatan Ketua Pengawas since day 1 this year, and after going through a tough one-to-one interview end of January, sememangnya pengumuman pagi tadi merupakan berita paling manis buat Helena.

She doesnt know that I knew. I will meet her around noon at the bowling alley, dia wakil sekolah for bowling today.

Congratulations Anastassia!

Syukur Alhamdullillah.............

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I feel good

January which started like a rollercoaster, ended beautifully.

On the last day of January, Mia was selected to to go to a singing audition, nak select singers to represent the State. Obviously this is organized by Kementerian Pelajaran.... I'm not the sort of person who would let her girl masuk singing competitions yang takde kene mengena with school. And Mia pun, I know that she sings because she was asked to, nothing more than that. That girl of mine is not the type yang perasan nak jadi penyanyi.... hehe.... Thank GOD!

Sports Day was a success. Anastassia played a huge part in making sure that her team got 1st place in 4 x 100. She sprinted like a pro, overtaking other runners, giving her team a big lead. Cikgu rumah sukannya said that Anastassia pandai control rumah dia. Macam komando kata cikgu.... hehe garang jugak House Captain ni....

Yesterday morning I went to see Anastassia and her schoolmates bertanding dalam Perbahasan. She was the 3rd debater. The other two debaters, sememangnya BM scorers, I would assume merupakan harapan cikgu2 dalam pertandingan ini.

And it was really a suprise to see Anastassia debate. She had style, she had confidence and she was "berapi-api" as was said by the Ketua Hakim. Immediately after the debate, the Head Judge and the 2 other judges turned to me and the Guru Pengiring, praising Anastassia and saying that Anastassia sememangnya berbakat. Kecik-kecik cili api kata cikgu. Few other teachers from other schools, including the Pengerusi also came over to Anastassia, patting her back and said that they were very impressed with her. Lama mereka kerumun Anastassia.

I was dumbfounded. You know why? Anastassia is not really comfortable with BM compared to English. And sometime it shows. Dia selalu kena usik, bila she makes silly mistakes when speaking in Bahasa. So it was really an achievement for her, to shine in a competition which is in BM!

She was singled out and praised, by the Head Judge, by the other judges, by teachers from other schools......... how I wish i could freeze the moment, when I see how she glowed under all the attention.

Anastassia kadang2 selalu tak percaya keupayaan dirinya dan ada perasaan rendah diri. Helena harap apa yang terjadi semalam dapat menaikkan self confidencenya.

Last week, during the Didik session that I sent her to, a group of girls from another school came up to her.

"Nama awak Anastassia ke? Dari sekolah SK*** ke?" one of them asked.

"Ya....." jawab Anasstassia.

"Cikgu kat sekolah kita selalu cakap pasal awak tau. Dari tahun lepas." the girl said.

"Oo" Anastassia said, tak tau nak cakap apa.

"Cikgu tu dulu ajar kat sekolah awak, sekarang dia mengajar kat sekolah kita. Dia selalu jadikan awak contoh pada kita orang. Dia suruh kita orang jadi macam awak."

"Dapat jugak kita kenal siapa dia Anastassia. Bye, jumpa lagi" Dia dan kawan2 dia salam Anastassia dan berlalu pergi.

I must have done something very right..... *smile*