Saturday, October 31, 2009


Anyone interested in authentic designers' items sold at much lower costs compared to the original retail price? All brand new, straight from United Kingdom. I have started my new biz - Click N Clutch. Check it out at Happy viewing!!

More items to come soon!

Need to rush to KL. See ya!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Congratz Anastassia.....

October has been an interesting week.

The whole family (minus Mia who is sitting for her PMR) went to Bangsar for the Majlis Anugerah Pelajar Cemerlang Berita Harian 2008. Anastassia received a trophy, RM1000 cash, certificate, lots of PMR books, and Berita Harian Gift Bag.

It was a great experience and a learning one as well especially bila dapat berjumpa dgn top SPM scorers.... (best dapat interview they all :D) however Anastassia was frustrated as Nik Nur Madihah, one of the recipients for SPM category was not present as she is already in Jordan.

Anastassia receiving the trophy

Semoga memberi semangat untuk Anastasia untuk cemerlang dalam PMR 2011.

Last week, Pu3 and Zaryf was so excited. Newspapers coverage for Anastassia and the award recipents (which includes Anastassia's interview) included THEM. hehe. And it came out for THREE days! It was funny to see the younger ones dok excited tengok gambar they all keluar... ;D (gambar mak bapak pun keluar 3 hari tu HAHA) Frens kata dah nak boikot beli paper... tak kuasa nak tengok gambar kita orang..... LOL

The trophy

Syukur Alhamdullillah. It made Syawal this year very very memorable.


I am now in the midst of starting a new biz online - Selling 100% authentic, luxurious, affordable designers items, like handbags (Anya Hindmarch, Tods, Furla, Gucci, LV, etc) shoes - for men and women (Clarks, etc), household items (Marks and Spencers, Ralph Lauren, etc) and banyak lagi.....

Am busy doing the finishing touches....... so again.... WATCH THIS SPACE yeah?

Until next time.....


Monday, October 12, 2009

My new hobby

I have a new hobby that keeps me awake till the early hours. Let me share some of em here.

did these just before Raya.... sikit lagi tak sempat for use on 1st day Raya...

my favourite baju now.... ;D

in the middle of sewing this. Planning to add a bit more.

Yesterday morning, the whole family went for a jog. Took pictures after that with our new camera. ;D

I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow. Mia's paper will end at 9:40 am. Dia kata lepas tu terus the whole batch will go watch movie.... hehe... i can imagine they all macam kambing terlepas kandang.... And i can also start raya sakan again, a week before PMR i stopped jalan2 Raya, a friend ajak gi tengok wayang to release stress pn i tak pegi(anak PMR mommies stress huhu...) but tak samapai hati la. Knowing that dia belajar and buat revision kat college, kita pulak nak enjoy. Just couldnt do it. So Tuesday pun macamm merdeka for me la..... hehe

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's Monday again!

I'm now actually in the adjusting mood. Trying to adjust my sleeping time after all the Raya sakan..... trying to adjust my eating habits after all the ridiculous binging.... trying to adjust my daily schedule so that apart from doing my Score A biz, i also have time to do research for a new biz (I'm so so excited), have time to bake, have time to learn cook few of my fav recipes, have time to jahit beads on my baju kurungs, have time to jog (ni patut first in list but I'm still in denial hehe) and I have time for the kids.

Am in the mood to let pics tell the story this time.

Anastassia has a new craze - photography. Its a normal scenery to see her in college with her camera in hand, keliling college premises clicking away nature's beauty. She also curi2 take pictures during college functions while on her BWP (Badan Wakil Pelajar) duty, as shown above. She would hand over the pics to the photography club (nope she's not a member) and the club would sell em. And nope that is not her camera. Anastassia posing dengan camera cikgu, while hinting to me..... hehe no way dear.... your own brand new linux would do fine for now.

Pu3 posing at the Aquatic pool. It was a hectic day for her, having to be in a Kalam Jamaie (Choral Speaking Bahasa Arab) in the morning and then to the pool for the Sport Ex*el Inter Club Swimming Competition 2009. Her personal timings in both the breast stroke and butterfly improved esp in butterfly.

Zaryff at the same competition. He also improved his timings esp in breast stroke. Poor Zaryff had a stomach ache just before his butterfly race and refused to swim. Mama had to pujuk and pujuk and even the RM50 bribe pun tak jalan. In the end, he relented and i became RM100 poorer. (Another RM50 for Pu3, she said she deserved it for apa ntah i pun tak ingat) (mana boleh adik dapat, kakak tak dapat is actually the issue.)

Zaryff is the Pengawas Perpustakaan in school. Mama had a hard time scrubbing lengan dia yang hitam every day.... boboy ni pergi sekolah belajar ker, or buat construction work ???

Kalam Jamaie.... Pu3 is 2nd from left, front row.

Anastassia, whom I'm missing right now...

You might notice that there are no new pics of Mia. That girl of mine dah lama tak ambik gambar... kononnya busy sangatla nak prepare for PMR..... arrggghhh PMR is this Wednesday. Do pray for my girl yeah......

Until next time.