Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Are you a dreamer?

I'm still feeling down. Knowing that there are people who believed the LIES that CK is spreading about me. And the thought that benda ni terjadi di tempat anak2 I nak belajar. It hit me just now, and I'm really feeling kinda low. When friends called to congratulate me after the PIBG Meeting, I told them how I felt. Mereka cuba beri semangat, tried to convince me that benda2 begitu are not worth my fears, not worth my tears. But I just cant shrug off the sadness in me.

Oops..... I need happy thoughts.... happy thoughts...... and I'm actually supposed to write about something else..... hehe....


Lets try to be honest here. Have you ever been in a position, in which while you were driving, and then sort of started to day dream, and then you suddenly realized that you have actually reached your destination? I think this would normally happen when the journey is one that you take everyday, say when you drive to work. Have you ever done that? Well, I have..... once in a while.....

But what happened last week was actually too weird for me. I went to an ATM machine, wanting to withdraw RM400. As I inserted my ATM card, the machine kind of took a while to process the card. So while waiting to key in my password, my mind just wondered off..... then suddenly RM500 came out of the ATM slot.

I was like ....... HELLO???? what happened here. What did I just do? I cant remember keying in the password, whatmore keying in the amount that I want. I didnt even remember choosing Savings Account or Current Account! I knew I day dreamt for a while while waiting for the machine to process my ATM Card which to a bit longer than usual, but too such an extend?

The incident sort freaked me out a bit. Teruk sangat ke I ni berangan? Hehehe......

Monday, March 26, 2007

Few days ago

Quite a number of things happened in the last few days.

On Friday, as i went to the girl's school to fetch them, several parents came up to me (at different times) mengadu and bercerita that CK dok bercerita bad things about me to other parents. Yes! CK strikes again. Mmmm. PHD tak habis-habis. (Please refer to my earlier entry titled PHD to know about CK)

Our PIBG AGM is just around the corner and it seems that CK dok kempen suruh tukar AJKs. As I told my friends, dia bukan nak berhajat nak tukar AJK, dia nak Helena aje to be off the committee. Itu aje....

Actually, the AGM was never on my mind. To me, if I get selected again (I was in the committee for 3 years now), it is a rezeki for me, if tak dapat, pun tak mengapa. Although I have to admit that I love doing the job. In fact, recently Helena wakil sekolah untuk perjumpaan dgn orang Kementrian. It was an eye opener for me and I learnt a lot mengenai hal2 berkaitan proses pembelajaran anak-anak.

But then, although I like the job, taklah sampai Helena nak mempromotekan diri or do something untuk jatuhkan orang lain. Entahla orang2 PHD ni. I couldnt care less la. Immaterial whether I'm an AJK, I still akan menyibuk dalam hal persekolahan anak i. Hehe. Helena pun dah biasa dengan Guru Besar and her GPKs. Tak kuasa nak layan orang low mentallity macam CK ni. Sanggup create stories to say bad things about me.

Well, in the car, at least I got some good news from Anastassia. She said that she got a solo part in Choral Speaking. I was so happy, although to Anastassia, it was nothing to shout about. Well, girl.... you being singled out like that tells me a lot......

On Saturday, went to see Mia as she has a sorethroat. And now I know why... she was selecte to be in the School Choir and they have been rehearsing several hours a day..... patutla tak ada suara...hehe.

And sepintas lalu, Mia said,

"Mama, nanti kita pergi KL dengan sekolah"

"Ada apa? Choir ke."

"Bukan Choir, persembahan lain. Kita orang kena buat performance depan Menteri"

"Menteri mana? Hishamuddin ke?"

"Tak...... Perdana Menteri...."

I chuckled, (gelihati pulak dengan cara tak kisah Mia) and asked her to tell me more about it. But deep inside, I told myself. Pedulikan la CK and her PHDs. My children are doing well and Tuhan sememangnya bersama-sama dengan orang yang teraniaya.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SPM 2006

Is it too late to talk about the SPM results?

My eldest, Mia has a long way to go before SPM. Hey, PMR pun tak lepas. But looking at the results published last week, I cant help feeling sorry for the 9A1s, 9As, 8A1, 8As students. (I was told that the minimum subjects to be taken are 9 subjects)

Most students sit for 9 subjects, infact SBP and MRSM students are not allowed to take more than 12 subjects. (if I'm not mistaken) However, my point is that with all the 18As, 17A1s and 16A1s..., orang tak pandang siapa yang dapat 9A1s. Reporter pun tak kisah nak interview, well unless that person is handicapped la kan. Tak kesian ke budak2 9As ni.... they excelled, tapi just because they chose not to take additional subjects, kejayaan mereka seperti diketepikan.

When it is Mia's turn to sit for the ever important exam in 2011, I may want her to just take 9 subjects. But would that limit her chances for the best course and scholarships? Or should I try to talk her into taking 12 subjects, like her collegemate who got 12 A1s? (in which kena tengok her Form 1 to Form 4 results, to know whether she is able to) I prefer not to, I prefer that she enjoys her college life, be active in her koko while maintaining her results in koku. But what if taking 9 subject means that she cant fight for her course. Nanti tak pasal2 dapat jurusan2 yang dia tak minat.

But come to think again, when Mia was in std 6, I did tell to myself, if only Mia can sit additional papers. Make her stand out among the would be 45000 5A students in the country. It is very obvious in Mia's school as even the last class has several 5As. And obviously you can imagine the level of 5A from an A class and the level of 5A from the last class. (Mia's school has almost 100 students getting 5As)

Mmmm..... apalah Helena pikir pasal SPM pulak ni.... PMR pun tak lepas..... hehe

Monday, March 19, 2007

Holiday Blues

Last week was very relaxing for me. For the first time, I viewed school holidays differently. A period where I'll be able to have all my children under the same roof. A period where I will be able to chat and lepak with my eldest daughter, who came back from asrama on Friday - March 9. OMG, how I missed her.....

My holiday mood started that Friday, picked Mia up at 2:30pm, stopped at A&W which she regretted later coz we bumped into several of her seniors and also a group of wardens. After lunch, we went straight to the hp shop to top up her hp.

Spent the weekend in KL, went to KLCC to buy GIRLS thingys for the girls. Bought watches for all of them. Before going back, stopped by at the playground besides KLCC. Puteri and Zaryff was jumping with joy (and Anastassia too.....)

The last time we went there was 2 years ago. The place doesnt look as impressive as when it was first opened. I remember bringing Mia and Anastassia there almost every weekend when they were small. They love the park and also the KLCC Pool. Unfortunately, for Puteri and Zaryff, we stopped going right after Mia started std 1.
Well, I spent a lot of $$$ that weekend, but to Puteri and Zaryff, the best part was the visit to the playground, which obviously didnt cost a dime. (well, come to think of it, RM2.50 for parking fee... hehe)
Came back home Monday petang, as hubby had to fly to Sabah again. The rest of the week, was spent at home.

For the first time I gave Mia permission to start a friendster account, and boy, was she hooked. Most of her time at home was spent in front of the computer, smsing and doing her homework. (her school gives tonnes of homework) Anastassia started her own blog, whilst Puteri and Zaryff played with computer games.

During the AGM PIBG which was held just before school holidays, Zaryff's teacher told me that she entered Zaryff in a poem recital inter-class competition. So during the holidays I coached him to read "5 little Squirrels". After several minutes trying to memorize the poem, Zaryff said,

"Mama, do I have to hafal all?"

"Yes, Zaryff, of course"

"Tapi panjang sangatla mama...."

"Mana ada panjang. That's the shortest and easiest poem I could find"

Zaryff continued memorizing again.

5 Little Squirrels

Five little squirrels sitting on a tree.
The first one says, "What can you see?"
The second one says, "A man with a gun."
The third one says, "Let’s run, run, run."
The fourth one says, "Let's hide in the shed."
The fifth one says, "I’m not afraid."
And then, "Bang!" goes the gun.
And the five little squirrels all run, run, run.

"Mama...." Zaryff said softly...

"Ye, kenapa?"

"Can we change 5 Little Squirrels to 3 Little Squirrels?"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The English Language

The English Language has become a topic of discussion lately, whatmore with the introduction of PPSMI (Maths and Science in English). There were a lot of debates on this but no, I'm not going to go into that.

We cannot deny the fact that English is important. I see first hand on how graduates fumbled in basic English during interviews. Who cares if you a Degree holder but you cant get your point across, right? Especially in a Mat Salleh company like mine. Itulah punca masalah pengangguran sebenarnya.

Few days ago, I watched Diari AF. I dont know about you but it was a bit embarassing for me to see and hear adults speak English the way they did (most of themla). And they try to cover kelemahan mereka dgn buat joke and dgn menambahkan kegedikkan mereka. Bukan nak look down but takkan la "May I go to the toilet" pun tak pass? My children learnt that masa kindy tau!

I am very lucky that I emphasized on English in the house, way before the implemantation of PPSMI. Mia took her UPSR with Maths and Science in BM. That means that she's starting her PPSMI in Form 1. I have no problem with the rest of the kids as they started PPSMI from scratch - std 1. (Anastassia is in the 1st batch - next year UPSR)

Tapi kesian dgn kids yang tak duduk di bandar. Macamana dengan English mereka? Cikgu2 sendiri pun kebanyakkannya tak mahir in English. (maaf ye cikgu2) The comments in English that I see in my kid's books pun, in broken English.... apa hal tuh. When Mia was in std 5, she and a few others had to argue with the teacher that one particular question (fill in the blank question) was not in a proper English sentence. Kalau sekolah top 10 Malaysia pun macam ni, I dare not think of how the other hundreds of schools are doing!

With the PPSMI jugak, we see parents now choosing English speaking kindergartens over malay owned kindys. I came across a kindy owner trying to convince a parent that the language used in the kindy is English..... although a 2 mins conversation with the teachers there make you wonder how..... takkan nak harapkan owner/principal sorang je yang boleh cakap english kan...

Entahla..... my dream is for my kids to speak English like anak2 TPM kita, like anak arwah Hani Mohsin..... but mmmm.... no money for private schools la.... hehe....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm a TV Addict

Are you a TV addict?

I definitely am.....

Below are the current TV programs that rules my life :

1. Desperate Housewives
Its good that this program is aired at 10:30pm on Ch18. So my kids dah tidurlah masa ni. Tapi bila tengok repeats kat Ch70, I need to change the channel off and on so that the kids tak tertengok scenes yang over2 tu..

2. Heroes

Just started to watch Heroes 3 weeks ago, tapi dah addicted gila..... i love the out of of this world punya cerita. Actually one of my fantasy is to be able to hear other people's mind and thoughts. Hehe....

3. American Idol
I was not an Idol fan until last year, when I forced myself to watch it sebab selalu blur bila friends ceta2 pasal American Idol masa morning break. Lama2 sedap jugak, kan.... Now I'm hooked. Tapi kan.... kaadng2 termiss jugak.....For this yr, the guys entah apa2. The gals punya show really power.

4. American Next Top Model
Entertaining. Suka tengok orang lawa-lawa nih..... secara tak langsung kita pun perasan lawa...

5. CSI

Best nya CSI.... and banyaknya repeat...... which is good sebab I started watching CSI mid of last year. Still lots of episodes to catch up.

6. Oprah Winfrey

I LOVE Oprah. But its been a long time since I manage to catch her on screen. To me she can really relate to people. The topics that she shares with us are always interesting. (Although I still dont understand why HARPO decided to interview Paula Malai Ali bagi pihak Malaysians) Ada statement Paula yang pada I tak tepat.

This cuti, I will be able to watch TV sampai I nak naik muak............

Note : Minta maaf I tak tengok cerita Melayu..... except for AF.... hehe

Friday, March 09, 2007


Thank God It's Friday!

I woke up today with a smile on my face.

Mia will be coming home today. I'm gonna hug her lama2. I know we'll be having late nights with our girl talk. I hope she won't have that much homework to do. Also need to remind her to be less garang with her siblings. Adik2 dia semua looking forward for big sister to come back, so it'll be a bummer if she shows her no-nonsense side.

Zaryff came back with a 100 for Maths, he was screaming and jumping with joy. (First time merasa dapat test result, 100 pulak tu). Deep inside, I feel good. I feel for him, as I know and HE knows he struggles with his std 1 syllabus, unlike his sisters. Puteri also got highest in English but as predicted Anastasia didnt do well in her Maths. (Remember her not doing 9 questions?) She got 85.

Aah.... taknak pikir la pasal test marks nih.... I hope Mia did okay too....

Its Merdeka day for me too. Now I can be a potato couch without feeling guilty. Malam nih ada cerita apa ye? hehe.....

Have yet to plan anything for the holidays. Sepatutnya pergi Sabah next Monday, tapi last minute cancel. I plan to take leave for several days next week but have yet to decide the days. (waiting for hubby's schedule)

Must get ready for next week - House will be like tongkang pecah, kids arguing amongst themselves, food in the fridge cepat habis, TV will be on 24/7 and most noticable of all, NO peace for one whole week.

HAPPY HOLS everyone!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Absent Minded?

My car is in the workshop for servicing. Asked hubby to pick me up at 5pm, and for us to rush to school (20 mins away) to pick Anastassia up.

Hubby came at 4:50pm, called my hp saying that he is already outside the office. At 5 sharp, as I reached the parking area, I saw hubby attending to the car engine. I looked at my watch, worried as I dont want to be late to pick up Anastassia as her school gate tutup at 5:45pm.

What happened? I asked.

"Entahla. Tiba2 engine mati. Helena, mana indicator yang tunjuk battery ada ke, takde?"

I went to the car.... "Kat sini la.... kan hijau lagi tu... ni bukan masalah battery ni"

"I rasa takde minyak la..... "hubby said.

"Takde minyak??" Helena hampir menjerit, then control la.....

My hubby memang macam ni. And this is not the first time kereta dia takde minyak. Some would say that her is absent minded. But to me, its just plain could not care less attitude.

Thats the difference between me and hubby. I'm a facts and figures person. Hubby is not. I'm very particular dengan dates and bills and what nots, I'm the type who would know how much I have in my purse up to the single sen, hubby pulak..... mmm ... what shall i say... he's just not like that.

Tapi yang Helena tak faham, he was 10 mins EARLY, so he could just stop by dekat gas station before picking me up. Considering that the trip to Anastassia school would be around 16km from my office...... obviously he needs the petrol kan....

Had to call my friend, mintak tolong dia ambik Anastassia, and Anastassia pun tak dapat the lecture I've been meaning to give as I was not in the mood. (dahla berpanas dalam kereta tunggu hubby gi petrol pump with his friend, I lost an hour macam tu aje) However, on the way back home, I did slow talk dgn Anastassia, so takda marah2 la, lebih pada beri nasihat aje.....

Back to the no petrol thinggy...... is is merely him being absent minded, or is it his couldnt care less attitude? I asked him, he said that he just forgot, banyak on his mind...... I just kept quiet, since dah tau dah dia memang macam ni) ....mmmmm.... , air battery pun I check for him, air kereta pun I check, minyak hitam pun i tambahkan, tayar pun i pumpkan......

Mmm.... Penat la macam ni....

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

You're grounded, girl!

You're grounded, girl!

Thats exactly what I'm going to tell Anastassia when I pick her up at school at 5pm afterwards. Today is the last day of exam, therefore I'm going to tell all, my frustration, my anger, everything to her. (smalam tak boleh marah sangat, takut kacau concerntration for today's exam)

I came back home yesterday, found Anastassia waiting for me in the study room. As usual, my first question will be :

"Anastassia, how was your exam?"

Ok, mama..... tapikan..... Maths kan......" her voiced trailing off....

"Kenapa dengan Maths?" My voice dah tukar tune dah.

"Kita tak sempat habiskan......" she said softly.

"Ha? kenapa? Berapa soalan tak habis?" I started to raise my voice.
"9....." Anastassia squeaked.

"WHAT??????????????" I menjerit.

Anastassia kata masa tak cukup. She even had the cheek to tell me that there's another top 10 girl yang tak habis 10 questions.... infact another 5 of her friends pun tak habis buat.... ( What about the rest of your classmates? I asked. Tahu pulak dia diam)

I was so so so angry....... then the anger turned into frustration..... and then into sadness.

I tak marah if dia did badly in her exams.... cuma even during these last few weeks pun, Helena tak nampak dia NAK belajar, buat revision pun for show aja..... Infact masa Mia dulu pun, bila results not good, Helena tak marah. Because I can SEE her studying. Tapi Anastassia ni, tak nampak effort pun....

Last year, Anastassia's performance dropped. I told her to buck up. Tapi masa December holidays, dia yang beriya2 sakan dengan kawan2 dia. In fact last month pun, dia mintak nak spend time dengan her best friend (who just moved to KL). Helena layan lagi, tapi dengan syarat la. Mama kasi awak happy, awak pun mestila buat mama happy. "Kita janji, mama." she said. "Dulu pun awak janji, tapi in the end masih main2. Awak tipu mama sebenarnya." I said. "Kali ni kita janji betul2 mama" She pleaded.

Tapi..... janji tinggal janji..... Late February, Puteri dah start ulangkaji sendiri. Last week, I helped Zaryff. Tapi Anastassia...... masih dgn angan2.... masih dengan story books.... masih dengan main semut dia tu.......
Helena tak mintak apa2 sangat..... I just want to see her effort in studying..... itu aje.... HER EFFORT!...... results, lain cerita.....
As I told her once, "Anastassia, you are the one yang pernah buat mama menangis kegembiraan yang teramat sangat, and you are also the one yang buat mama sedih because of your attitude"
Note : Rupa2nya susah nak handle orang yang IQ tinggi ni....... Just because all this while, she achieved this and that without so much of an effort, dia tak tahu the importance of hard work.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

After Exam Demands

Exam baru masuk 2nd day, tapi banyak betul permintaan2 yang Helena terima dari my kids. Tambahan pulak minggu depan cuti sekolah, so lagi berkobar la mereka planning. Kita ingat ye-ye la diaorang ni baca buku.... rupa2nya berangan apa nak buat lepas exam and masa cuti sekolah ni...... sabar aje la.....

I will fetch Mia from college this Friday at 2pm. Dia kata dia nak window shopping (boleh caya ke window shopping je?) and tengok wayang with her Convent friends. Aii, rindu sangatla dgn kawan dari primary school dia.

I hope she wont have much plans, as I plan nak mengopek dengan dia.... haha...


Anastassia has seen me blogging a lot lately at home. So, she a bit anxious to continue her blogging (she created a blog but only penned her thoughts once). The problem is that she forgot her blogspot address! hehe.... Worst case scenario, I'll ask her to create a new one.


I owe Puteri several story books. On top of that, I have promised her that we'll go buy her "My Little Pony" birthday present this coming Thursday, (as she wanted to do her bit of shopping after the exams). I think I'm gonna burn a hole in my pocket during this shopping trip..... She's looking forward to the books and birthday present.


Zaryff has been pestering for new CD games to be played on the computer. He plans to hog the computer (HELP! with Anastassia using the laptop and Zaryff playing games on the computer, WHERE does that leave me???) (Tapi the picture on the left is misleading la. I dont think he plans to learn or do anything with earth or the environment. Its more to racing kereta....hehe... SIMS2 pun dia suka.... eh boy boleh main SIMS ke?) He also plans to bring his bicycle to the Lake Garden, as he just recently learnt how to ride a 2 wheel bike.

Best betul planning budak2 ni masa exam-exam ni kan. But yang best sangat (or NOT) is when their parents over write their plans as WE the parents have other things in mind...... Hehe....

Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Puteri!

Puteri turns 8 today. Woke the kids up this morning at 5:45am with a "Happy Birthday Puteri...." Zaryff yang pisat2 tu pun sahut "Happy Birthday kakak....." Anastassia seperti biasa cranky pagi2....

Yesterday I brought Puteri to the Cake Shop. While in the car, knowing that a Secret Recipe cake is high on her list, cepat2 Helena tanya dia "Puteri nak Ice Cream Cake tak?" Her eyes dengan bulatnya memandang Helena "Nakkkkk....." and Puteri smiled ear to ear.

She chose a Panda ice cream cake, (that's the only cake with chocolate ice cream filling), I paid RM42 and said told the cashier that I'll pick it up on Monday (today).

Today is also the 1st day of March test. For ALL of the kids - Mia, Anastassia, Puteri and Zaryff. I went to see Mia yesterday to wish her good luck. She said that she's worried about Geography and History. I just told her that those are reading subjects, "You need to read in order to understand the subject".

I'm having problem with Anastassia. She gave all sorts of excuses to be out of the study room. I told her dia tak nampak sungguh2 nak belajar. But I cant sit with her like I used to as I need to be with Zaryff.

Puteri.... mmmm.... she's very well prepared for the exam. She studied on her own, in fact yesterday she got on everyone's nerves as she nonstop asked us general knowledge questions that were really an out of this world questions..... In the end I said, "Puteri, kalau dah habis baca buku sekolah, pergi ambik buku Encyclopedia Grolier tu, pergi baca kat depan" FINALLY there was peace in the room. (FYI, Puteri ni kalau bercakap macam bertih jagung - laju and takde fullstop. Pening kalau layan dia lama2.... hehe)

Zaryff woke up Sunday morning with high fever. He vomitted after he had his breakfast. Punah harapan Helena nak buat revision dengan dia. He slept most of the day. I only manage to coach with him to look through his BM after dinner. Deep inside, I blame myself kerana tak mengadap Zaryff as often as I should. But I guess he should do okay. But to expect 100%, entahla.....

So, kids..... Best of Luck in your exams..... Jangan lupa baca Bismillahirrahmannirrahim.... baca soalan betul-betul....... Dah habis, mesti re-check 3 kali..... Jangan buat careless mistakes.... Mama doakan semua berjaya.....

Friday, March 02, 2007

PHD leads to bullying

Helena tertarik dgn surat pembaca dari Utusan hari ini. Seorang bekas pelajar MRSM didakwa dibuli, akan tetapi tidak diketahui keluarga, hinggalah apabila pihak Matriks menghubungi keluarga pelajar itu menyatakan bahawa pelajar itu mempunya masalah pembelajaran. Rupa2nya ada kecederaan di kepala pelajar, in which after kaunseling baru diketahui bahawa dia dibuli teruk di MRSM. Pelajar cemerlang top 10 ini terpaksa mengelumang dgn tekanan emosi sehingga keputusan peperiksaan merosot tahun demi tahun.

Unfortunately and it was sad for me to admit, Mia and Anastassia was a bully victim in school. It happened when Mia was in std 5 and Anastassia was in std 3. The bullies were sisters, both also in std 5 and std 3 respectively. It all started from perasaan PHD (Perasaan Hasad Dengki) seorang ibu (who used to be a friend of mine).

I knew this lady (CK) since 2001. We started to hang out together (with a bunch of other moms) while waiting for our children to finish their tuition classes, taekwondo classes and swimming classes. We even went shopping together, organized parties/makan2 and such.

Year 2005 was a great year for both Mia and Anastassia. Mia had become a top 10 student for 3 years in a row now, and had been selected as a prefect. She was also selected to represent her school and state, for competitions and seminars. She was so busy representing, that one week, her schedules even clashed. As she had to be in her school for Choral Speaking, be in Sepang for a Kursus Kepimpinan (Kebangsaan Level) and Trengganu to compete in Taekwondo Peringkat Kebangsaan! 3 different states, all in one week!

Anastassia also had a great year. From day one she was the best student in her school. Which is an eye opener because the school only has 40% malays, so the competition was high. Early in the year, she and her team won 1st prize for a Story Telling Competition, and later represented Malaysia in Hong Kong, in which they got third place. The 9 year olds were interviewed by several papers and TV stations, they got in the TV news and was in 9 different papers!

Everyone was happy for Mia and Anastassia, including my friends, including CK, or so I thought. I only knew later that this was the point when she started to say bad things about my kids to others, at first as a joke, but then turned out to be a real PHD case.

I didnt realize it at first as my other friends didnt say anything to me. Tapi I terasa bila ada one time, when Mia was selected again to represent the school. She said "Sekolah ni pun satu. Asyik budak sama aja kena pilih. Entah apa2 aja". Then dia terdiam, as it baru teringat yang she was talking to me and that was my child she was referring to.

One day, Mia came back (from swimming competition) looking gloomy. (Mia, anak CK and a few others represented the school in swimming) I asked her why. She said "Mama, aunty CK kutuk2 Mia tadi kat pool. Dia kata Mia swim entah apa2" Apa dia kata, I asked "Dia kata Mia swim terkedek2. Malula mama. Anis pun kata dia kutuk Mia dalam kereta masa nak balik." I kept quiet. The competition was a 3 day competition, but since I was busy with work, I can only see her masa lunch hours. So, I mintak tolong CK tengok2kan anak I. Tapi I perasan, when I called CK to ask her how Mia was doing, CK tak sebut langsung pasal Mia. Sebaliknya dia dok puji2 anak dia and kawan2 Mia yang lain. My other calls to her also dia buat macam tu. (padahal coach cakap Mia improved and did well, malah better than anak CK) Then I said to Mia, "Biarlah Mia, buat tak tau aje" Mia started to have tears in her eyes "Mia tak kisah mama, but I dont understand. This is just a swim competition. I did my best. But how can an adult belittle budak2 macam tu? Dia adult mama..... she should know better" Sebak hati Helena. I hugged her kuat2. Mia started to cry softly "Mama, next year Mia taknak masuk swimming competition lagi ye....." I said " OK Mia, its up to you, lagipun next year kan UPSR.... taknak masuk apa2 pun takpe..... kita concerntrate studies... its your decision ok Mia...." We hugged again.

After that incident, CK terus all out attack my kids. Infact anak dia pun pandai attack my kids. My friends pun dah start share dgn I sikit2 apa yg CK cakap pasal anak2 I. (CK suka kutuk/gosip pasal anak2 orang lain juga, tapi anak I yg jadi hot topic dia)

CK asyik repeat kata Mia bodoh. CK is always at the school canteen. Kat situlah dia mengutuk anak2 I. Anak2 dia pun start kutuk anak2 I directly. Her kids boleh kata Anastassia bodoh and gila. EVERYDAY. I started to counsel my children daily. Since I taknak buat kecoh di sekolah, I monitor my kids daily, suruh dia cerita apa yang terjadi di sekolah everyday. Then I slow talk dgn dia. Tak susah pun nak slow talk. I just told my kids, who are they to cakap you bodoh. Tak payah nak sedih2. Awak tu in kelas A. Anak dia kelas mana? Dah fullstop. Memang tak masuk akal statement2 CK tu. (anak CK std 5 tu struggling in class B. Anak CK std 3 in class D)

But the highlight came masa Taekwondo competition peringkat negeri. Mia and anak dia kena spar. Mia menang. Anak dia teruk kena belasah. Mia pulak, Helena tengok all out belasah anak dia, (she seldom does that to opponent yg same school, janji dapat point nak menang) maybe dia sakit hati kut sbb husband CK masuk campur suruh disqualify Mia. (another story)

The Monday after that, Mia was at the bench waiting for transportation. She was standing masa tu. Both anak CK (both badan besar) came tu Mia and said, "How dare you kalahkan my sister semalam" and kicked Mia's back taekwondo-style. Her sister pun did the same thing. Mia just left the area pergi kat kawan dia. (bear in mind, these kids dah lama masuk taekwondo, pecah papan pun boleh, so faham2la the force of the kick mestila kuat) (sebelum2 ni pun anak dia suka hit my daughter kat shoulder style taekwondo juga, tapi pakai tangan, walaupun bergurau, tapi style kasar sampai ada bruises)

That night, masa buat homework, Mia kept messaging her back. She did that every 2 mins. I asked her why, she just kept quite. I asked her again. And she told me what happened.

I was fuming MAD. It's one thing to torture my kids mentally.... but physically? I really pikir panjang on what I should do. Although I AJK PIBG in the school, but I try to not take advantage of my position. Lagipun as Mia pointed out, the school tak suka students yang buat kecoh. But I pikir, anak i tak buat kecoh, tapi anak jadi victim. Mia begged me not to tell Guru Besar.

"Mia, I have to report this"

"Mama, janganla. Mia taula nak jaga diri Mia."

"Mia, benda2 physical tak boleh ambil ringan. Lagipun Mama taknak Mia tension sebabkan benda ni, taklama lagi final exam, next year UPSR. This has been going too long"

"Mama, kalau mama cakap kat Gruru Besar, lagi Mia tension. Jangan la mama. Nama Mia pun dah naik jadi calon Head Girl, nanti pasal hal ni nanti kena cancel pulak"

Helena terdiam. Kebetulan the same week, anak CK yang std 3 pulas telinga, tarik rambut and ugut Anastassia pulak. "Anastassia, ko ikut cakap aku. Kalau tak, aku cakap mak aku, biar dia marah engkau gila2. Mak aku sayang aku tau....." Pening betul Helena dengan perangai samseng ni. So for the next 2 weeks, I parked myself kat kantin pukul 1pm, sebelum kelas KAFA. Peratikan wellbeing my children kat sekolah.

Masa itulah i tengok anak2 CK memang pembuli orangnya. Ada one time, dia hentak kepala anak my friend ke dinding TWICE. Berdentum bunyi, satu kantin boleh dengar. Di pulas tangan, pulas telinga, tarik telinga.... semua anak CK buat. Dan Helena pun dengarla CK pun dok mengutuk anak kawan kita orang yang sorang lagi. "Si Amirah tu perangai macam P*KI, nampak aje pendiam." Terdiam Helena, padahal Amirah ni (classmate Mia) memang pendiam tak kacau orang. Nonstop CK mengutuk.

Penat pulak nak cerita lagi. Well, to cut things short, anak CK minat budak India kat Taekwondo ni, but then rahsia dia pecah and dia suspect Mia yang bukak rahsia. (padahal Mia tak pergi Taekwondo dah 3 minggu) So for the 1st time CK confronted me, suruh I nasihatkan Mia jangan buat cerita. (Nasib baik I tau what happened)

So I said, "CK, jom duduk sekejap. I nak cakap something." I TOLD HER EVERYTHING. APA ANAK DIA BUAT, EVERYTHING. (Banyak lagi sebenarnya yg Helena tak share sini) She was shocked (ye le tu) and mintak maaf. Part pukul anak I, and other physical yg anak dia buat kat anak orang lain, (yang CK tak tau), semuanya anak dia deny. Tapi Helena ni, dah siap, the facts, the dates, the time, siapa witness..... ha! last2 anak dia ngaku.

In the end, I just told CK "You know what, I've had enough la dgn benda2 remeh ni. I hantar anak I ke sekolah untuk belajar. Itu aje. I just cakap anak I, next time ada orang buli you physically, just go to Guru Besar straight. If ada injury, walaupun hanya lebam, I'm going to make a police report." (Ini gertak supaya anak i tak kena bantai physical lagi, itu yang penting)

Helena hairan dengan orang yang ada PHD ni. Jealous sangat dgn achievement my kids. Yes Helena PIBG tapi anak Helena dah cemerlang even sebelum Helena jadi AJK PIBG. Kalau jealous sangat pasal anak Helena dapat top 10, bimbingla anak2 tu dalam pelajaran, bukan dok bergosip sana sini. Kalau jealous sebab anak Helena asyik dipilih wakil sekolah, then ajarla anak tu jadi confident dan berani. Ajar anak tu jadi seorang yang bertanggungjawab, mempunyai keperibadian yang baik. Bukan hanya berani di belakang aje. Anak2 Helena got the perks because they worked for it. They earned it, penat lelah mereka tu.

Helena FED UP dengan parents macam ni.

Note : Now the school dah tau whats going on. Late last year (and this year) CK and anak CK secara terang2an aniaya Anastassia di sekolah. Guru Besar got to know, after assembly, GB, GPK and a teacher panggil anak CK mengadap, teruk anak CK kena marah. Anak CK kena kaunseling, tapi kaunselor cakap kat Helena, susah nak ubah dia sebab mak dia yang didik dia cara begitu. Infact teachers kata sepatutnya CK yang kena kaunseling...) THE BEST THING was all this happened without MY interference at all! (Helena dapat tau bila semua dah settle) ZERO..... TUHAN ITU MAHA ADIL.