Monday, March 19, 2007

Holiday Blues

Last week was very relaxing for me. For the first time, I viewed school holidays differently. A period where I'll be able to have all my children under the same roof. A period where I will be able to chat and lepak with my eldest daughter, who came back from asrama on Friday - March 9. OMG, how I missed her.....

My holiday mood started that Friday, picked Mia up at 2:30pm, stopped at A&W which she regretted later coz we bumped into several of her seniors and also a group of wardens. After lunch, we went straight to the hp shop to top up her hp.

Spent the weekend in KL, went to KLCC to buy GIRLS thingys for the girls. Bought watches for all of them. Before going back, stopped by at the playground besides KLCC. Puteri and Zaryff was jumping with joy (and Anastassia too.....)

The last time we went there was 2 years ago. The place doesnt look as impressive as when it was first opened. I remember bringing Mia and Anastassia there almost every weekend when they were small. They love the park and also the KLCC Pool. Unfortunately, for Puteri and Zaryff, we stopped going right after Mia started std 1.
Well, I spent a lot of $$$ that weekend, but to Puteri and Zaryff, the best part was the visit to the playground, which obviously didnt cost a dime. (well, come to think of it, RM2.50 for parking fee... hehe)
Came back home Monday petang, as hubby had to fly to Sabah again. The rest of the week, was spent at home.

For the first time I gave Mia permission to start a friendster account, and boy, was she hooked. Most of her time at home was spent in front of the computer, smsing and doing her homework. (her school gives tonnes of homework) Anastassia started her own blog, whilst Puteri and Zaryff played with computer games.

During the AGM PIBG which was held just before school holidays, Zaryff's teacher told me that she entered Zaryff in a poem recital inter-class competition. So during the holidays I coached him to read "5 little Squirrels". After several minutes trying to memorize the poem, Zaryff said,

"Mama, do I have to hafal all?"

"Yes, Zaryff, of course"

"Tapi panjang sangatla mama...."

"Mana ada panjang. That's the shortest and easiest poem I could find"

Zaryff continued memorizing again.

5 Little Squirrels

Five little squirrels sitting on a tree.
The first one says, "What can you see?"
The second one says, "A man with a gun."
The third one says, "Let’s run, run, run."
The fourth one says, "Let's hide in the shed."
The fifth one says, "I’m not afraid."
And then, "Bang!" goes the gun.
And the five little squirrels all run, run, run.

"Mama...." Zaryff said softly...

"Ye, kenapa?"

"Can we change 5 Little Squirrels to 3 Little Squirrels?"


Dad of Four said...

Boys.....! Always finding short cuts....!

Kak Elle said...

Helena tak pening ke?haha
Glad you had time to spend the holidays with them.

Ibu said...

hahaha!! smart one, zaryff!

Helena said...

Dad of 4 : I almost laughed out loud when he asked me that question. From his face expression, I can see that he really hoped I would say yes, we'll change it to 3 Little Squirrels.

Kak Elle : Kali ni tak pening. The kids were really into their computer games. I created a schedule on the usage of the computer and laptop, so takdalah berebut2.

Yes, I had good quality time with them.

Ibu : Zaryff finally memorized the poem on Sunday, he also did well with the actions while reciting the poem. The competition is today, I hope he does well.

kc said...

tu dah kira malas lah nak hafal tu..hehehe

Intan said...

Holidays means kena 'katok' dengan my girls. Whenever we go out... mesti ada yang mereka 'perlu'!

Qisst said...

so cute! :)

Helena said...

kc : memang nak ngelat la tu.... nak gi main aje dalam fikiran dia.

intan : betul tu. tak pernah kalau pergi kedai, takde apa nak dibeli. Masa pergi kedai girls kat KLCC tu, tujuan nak beli barang Anastassia je, last2 beli utk all 3 girls. Pastu kat kedai jam, nak beli jam utk Mia, tup2 in the end beli watches utk all 4, walaupun sebenarnya Puteri and Zaryff baru beli jam baru last month.....

Qisst : hehe.... tu la pasal....

rose said...

Hehe..sronoknya baca Blog akak..ari ni 1st time baca blog akak sbb akak ade komen kat blog Aku Betul!..hmm..nak melayan kerenah anak2, membesarkan mereka, bagi pendidikan, nak jaga pergaulan mereka..mmg mencabar kan..hmm..tak tahula camne zaman sy bila dah dapat kawen n ada anak nanti..heheh..tak sabar pon ada..:-D
Im Wondering..camnela upe anak2 akak ye..mesti comel2..hehehe..takde ke photopages?

Helena said...

Hi Rose. Thx for dropping by. Happy pulak rasanya bila tau orang seronok baca blog kita.... hehe

Rose still single ye? muda lagi la ni.... Takde blog ke?

Fotopages takde la dik.... setakat ni takde plan nak share gambar2 mereka takut2 nanti ada orang kenal.... hehe... Sebenarnya Kak Helena baru nak belajar berblog ni.... so belum berani nak expose gambar2 lagi.

D said...

cuuuute!! he's so much like my boys! glad your school hols was great.

Helena said...

Thanks D! Zaryff always makes cute statements like that. Theres also another thing that he always does at the dinner table that makes all of us smile. When eating dinner, he would make sure that he eats the chicken last. Bila habis makan nasi, he would take the drumstick chicken and eat it dengan penuh perasaan with his eyes closed! hehe! Dia kata rasa ayam tu akan jadi sedap sangat2 if he close his eyes. HAHA!

wan said...


Kids, will always be kids. Seronok melayan tingkah diorang kan. :)

rose said...

Haha..budak2 kan..mmg suke berimaginasi..kdg2 tak terjangkau oleh kita yg mkn ayam sambil tutup mata akan ada nikmatnya..hehehe...

Helena said...

wan and rose : kids can really make us go... "...duh...." . Hehe.

Fid said...

hi helena
heheheee....cute bila dia minta change to 3!