Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I need sleep!!

Penatnya lately, i slept around 3 hours aje every night..... dah seminggu macam ni and now dalam proses mengqada' tidur..... hehe

1. Anastassia and her friend taking pictures with Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah, Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi who was proud of their capabilities in emceeing in English at the tender age of 13 in the Closing Ceremony of the Debate MRSM SeMalaysia 2009 which was held early July 2009. Dato' even complimented the 2 girls in the news on TV when he was interviewed by reporters.

2. Badan Wakil Pelajar (BWP) bersama pelajar-pelajar MRSM di tempat Anastassia belajar membaca ikrar untuk belajar bersungguh-sungguh, meninggalkan perbuatan-perbuatan tidak baik untuk menggenggam SPM 91A 2010 dan PMR 8A 2011 di dalam Program Gerak Gemilang MRSM.

Alyssa is most right

Anastassia and other students were asked to stand up before upacara membaca ikrar. Anastassia wearing blazer, most right.

3. In the Taekwondo Competition last week, Pu3 got bronze medal. Kesian, she had to fight a bigger girl who holds a Red 2 Belt! (that girl eventually won the gold) Memang Pu3 kena belasah. All of us, including Pu3 tak sanggup tengok the video.... oo poor girl..... Nak jatuh jantung Helena tengok badan kecil itu di tendang sehingga terduduk ke lantai beberapa kali.... But it was a great fight. Sebab apa tau, sebab Pu3 fought her hardest, didnt even once mengundur, she attacked nonstop, she attacked and dia kejar budak tu.... mmg garang Pu3 in court. That girl had to work hard to win. Everyone cheered for Pu3 for her garangness and determination. Tak padan dengan keciknya. She was not so lucky as she was the lightest in a heavier group.

Last year she won gold, tahun ni bronze and first time dia merasa kena belasah macam tu.... alahai..... cayang anak mama..... (after the fight, belanja her makan kat Delifrance.... hehe... she wanted Spagetti AND lasagna)

Pu3 smiling although I know badan dia still sakit-sakit from the fight

I am now looking forward to meet up with old friends, there's gonna be a mini reunion this weekend and I' sure its gonna be a blast! Yeay!


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Busy...... again........

It was definitely a hectic June for me. And a great one too.

1. Mia's school won the Wind Orchestra 2009. It was a first for me and hubby to see them perform. And boy, was I impressed! Mia's school played beautifully, as was other SBP schools as well..... But obviously Mia's school stood out.... hehe. I was hooked the minute i walked into PICC..... The atmosphere there with all the SBP students looking so chic and gorgeous, i wished i was back in school.... hehe... The semangat sekolah that they have..... boleh buat meremang bulu roma....

I cheered for Mia's school and also for sikit2 for MCKK.... *smile* wakil dear papa who is not well back home. The kolek boys looked handsome and smart their white suit.

They played beautifully.....

It was definitely an evening to remember. Can't wait for next year.

2. Pu3 won an art competition organized by an optical shop. She now has a voucher worth RM480 for a complete set of Swatch frame and high quality lense..... save duit mama.... hehe

3. Anastassia again has made me proud. She was chosen to become one of the 2 emcees in the Final English Debate National Level. During the ceremony, Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah complimented her for being able to do a very good emceeing at Form 1, just like the adults, he said, maybe better than some adults. Later when interviewed on TV, Dato' said he just came back Anastassia's college, and was impressed with how well two 13 year olds were in emceeing an official function. He also said that the girls' english are better than some university lecturers! (Over sikit la pulak pujian tu..... hehe)

Anastassia in her Badan Wakil Pelajar attire

Yesterday Anastassia left for a Leadership Camp and will only return to college late Sunday. I'm a bit worried as i know her homework is not done, revision apa lagi.... sigh... i hope she improves in her time management..... she has to.....

4. Pickup up Zaryff's report card this morning. Turun sikit la results dia and his teacher ada kata that she expects Zaryff to be in the top 10. Belas-belas tak main la. She also said something which really makes my day ....... tapi tak leh share la.... hehe

Just look at the time! Gotta go!