Monday, August 20, 2007


Its been quite sometime since i blogged......

A lot of things happened. Have been busy at work with some challenging Quality issues, so much so that we had to call in several mat salleh specialists to help us out.

At home, last week was when the August test was held. I had started to get panicky the weekend before the test as Anastassia had barely done any revision, what more she had missed almost a week of class due to the competition that she was preparing for. (Remember that dia merosot teruk in May exam)

I beri semangat pada Anastassia, had a full 2 day back-to-back revision....... Alhamdullillah her results came out good. Puteri, who studied on her own got full marks in all the papers that she got so far. I was astonished when I saw her Science paper, which she got 100. It was a difficult one and some tricky, in fact the second highest got 80 plus only.

Zaryff had fever the week of the exam. Thanks to the "stupid" arrangements that made the std ones kena injection a day before exam day..... Most of the kids demam that week.

Last Saturday, went to see Transformers. Zaryff enjoyed it tremondously..... but if you ask me, tak la best sangat cerita tu.....

OK la... I write properly later. These are just snippets from me......

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Zaryff's picture, passport size

I was scanning some photos when I came across Zaryff's picture passport size which was taken when he was 6 yrs old, still in kindy.

He looked funny, heran macamana his picture can turn out like that. A bit crossed eye and ala-ala clown pun ada.... hehe.

"Zaryff, kenapa gambar Zaryff kelakar macam ni" I asked, suppressing my laughter.

"Zaryff nak senyum..... Zaryff tak tau macamana nak senyum" Zaryff explained while looking at the photo.

"Zaryff senyumla macam biasa" I said.

"Tapi cameraman tu suruh senyum lama2...... mama ingat tak penat ke mulut Zaryff?"

Hehe..... betul jugakkan.

Below is another picture taken a year later (2007) , for his standard 1 registration.

Alahai boboy mama.....