Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Children

Let me tell you about my 4 wonderful children.

Mia is 11 years old. She was born in KL weighing 2.98 kg. She is a responsible student and has transformed from a very shy standard one girl to a senior who has been nominated as a Head Girl. She represented the state in Taekwondo and Choral Speaking, representing her school in Choir, swimming, nasyid, boria, etc.

She got no.1 in her first exam in standard one and has been constantly become one of the top ten students in her school every year. I am very proud of my firstborn.

Anastasia is 9 years old, born in Seremban weighing 3 kg. She is very inquisitive about things. She excelled in school and was the Best Student when she was in Standard 1. She also shocked everyone in the family when she told us that she'll be representing Malaysia in a Radio Drama Competetion to be held in Hong Kong! (My dear baby is just 9, for crying out loud!)

Puteri is 7, also born in Seremban weighing 3kg. This cute girl of mine also shows tremendous interest in school. She is lucky to have 2 elder sisters in school who are prefects. Most seniors and teachers knows her as Mia and Anastasia's little sister.

Zaryff is my youngest son, born in Seremban and weighs 3.8kg. He was so HUGE as a baby. This little boy of mine is really spoilt and pampered and adorable at the same time, as he is the baby and only boy in the family. Zaryff will turn 6 this October, he has also started to show "some" interest in learning his ABCs...

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