Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just can't wipe the smile off my face

Papa is still weak after being discharged from the hospital. Hopefully he gets his strength back soon.

It was a happy week for me. It started with the reunion yg macam jejak kasih.... and I'm happy that my dad can finally put a closure to it. Syukur alhamdullillah. Waiting for the day to come really brought jitters to me...... but in the end it gave me the smile and that smile i bet is going to be there for a while.

Zaryff had his mid terms last week, Pu3 is having hers this week. First time exam tak serentak..... best betul..... i can concerntrate on each child ..... yela tu..... thanks to Score A, the kids did their revision on their own and without having me to nag. Last week, Pu3 attempted the assessment exam and got in the Top100 students list for science ..... and Zaryff punyala jealous, he attacked the questions for 3 hours nonstop sampaila dia pun dapat masuk the Top100. When i checked the next day, i saw that he did almost 500 questions that night!! hehe i tak suruh pun, dia yang buat on his own initiative.... i like it that the questions is made in such a way, kids rasa challenged, just like as if they all main game, nak go to higher levels.... again minimum supervision but results insyaAllah tops.

Yesterday Zaryff naik pangkat in his Taekwondo..... dapat Green Belt. Finally.... hehe.....

Mia called, she sounded happy, which is good considering now tengah exam.....

Anastassia called just now saying that she was chosen for to attend a program (peringkat Kebangsaan) during the school hols. I am so so happy as I know that its not easy to get selected. I hope the preparation for this program would be done after her exams.

Cant wait to see Mia this Friday and Anastassia next week!! Happy Holidays everyone!!!!


knv said...

how do i register score A program? kena ada orang recommend ke?

appreciate if you could email me at ana_miraa@yahoo.com.

would love to sign up for my eldest.

thanks for your time.

knv said...
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jorazak said...

1. hi, hi, lama tak update.
2. doakan your father cepat sembuh.
3. cuti dua minggu, ek. nak balik kampung 2nd week.
4. ada saja projek anastassia.
5. enjoy the holidays.

Anonymous said...

Anastassia masuk program apa?
Hope your father will get well!


Captured.Me. said...
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Captured.Me. said...
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Helena said...

knv.... thanks for YOUR time. Take care dearie......

Helena said...


1.busy sikit la lately ni..... bila tak busy... takde mood la pulak nak tulis.....

2. thx for the doa.... appreciate it...

3. cuti 2 minggu..... tapi rasa macam seminggu aje.... haish.....

4. anastassia? mmmm..... itula pasal.... kelas banyak skip... risau betul Helena....

5. yup.... m really enjoying the holidays.... walaupun penat sangat2 nak layan aktiviti kids... helena cuba usahakan..... sigh.... Anastassia baru bagi tahu dia nak outing with frens esok.... esok pulak Helena busy sangat sangat sangat.... sigh.... I'll try dear....

Helena said...
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