Friday, February 09, 2007


Anastassia is my no2 girl who just turned 11 last month.

The instant I saw her when she was born, I said to myself "Baby ni rupa papa!" Yes, my second girl really really looks like my dad. As she grew older, we realized that she is really the younger version of my dad!

Anastassia has my dad's look, my dad's IQ and intelligence (YES!! sebab mak dia tak dapat inherit benda ni hehe), my dad's personality as a perfectionist and sighhh..... my dad's bad traits which is suka tensionkan benda2 remeh.

This girl of mine is very much into arts, she drew a chicken when she was 3 years old!. Even her mom cant do that now at the age of..... (eh, how old am I? mmmm..... lupala tapi thirty something la.... hehe)

She breezed through std 1 as the best student, getting 4 awards for doing extremely good in her exams. The same goes for when she was in std 2. (tapi dari 4 awards turun dapat 2 awards aje) (hehe nak dapat 1 award pun SUSAH gile)

Her teacher said that she has a photographic mind. Maknanya apa she learn in class semua stick kat kepala dia. Sampai bila2. No wonder I seldom see her read her books but still manage to score 100% in most subjects. I actually had to counsel Mia, who was upset that the sister get good marks without having to do anything. Mia is also a good student. But boleh nampak la kenapa dia good student. She's hardworking and selalu baca buku. Alhamdullillah Mia took the challenge positively and worked even harder, and her results once or twice equals her sister.

Well back to Anastassia, she seems to feel inferior and like to compare her abilities with her elder sister. (although I dont compare my children) Mia is an all rounder. She represent the school and State in every activity there is. She's very2 well like by her teacher, seniors and juniors.

Anastassia pulak feels that she's not as active in school activities. She doesnt have a "smiling face", hence dia nampak sombong and moody. Although she represents Malaysia in Story Telling in std 3, she said she is still a nobody in the sports area. I sent her for Swimming and Taekwondo classes, but then its obvious that dia takda bakat in that area, unlike Mia. I guess its because of her small built.

She begged me to let her learn how to bowl. Pikir punya pikir, I said ok. And that was August last year. After months of bowling poorly, at last, smalam punya competition she did well. Banyak kali strike. Syukur alhamdullillah.

I was a bit worried when she played poorly sebelum2 ni. She knows she's not good but I still kasi encouragement kata dia baru belajar (Yang tensionnya, bila Mia join main first time, terus terror....)

So I'm happy for her that it goes her way finally. I can still see the twinkle in her eyes smalam everytime dia bowl.

Today dia kena audition for Choral Speaking. I hope she gets it.

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