Friday, October 24, 2008

I finished my puasa enam! yeay!

Finally, I finished my puasa enam...... hubby insist nak masakkan rendang ayam for my buka puasa..... (nak dapat berkat pahala masakkan utk orang berpuasa katanya) even though i told him that i teringin nak makan daging masak merah and nak beli kat luar ajer.

The jeans i wore today rasa macam longgar ajer..... *big grin*

Pu3 kena chicken pox yesterday. Though its mild sebab dia dah ada chicken pox infection. Nasib baik next week cuti panjang so she wont miss school banyak sangat.

I have yet to start jogging. Sebab have yet to buy that sports shoe. Coz have yet to go to Jusco. Lagipun asyik hujan ajer..... (haha.... am i trying to get out of doing my exercising?)

Mia jadi host to a Korean exchange student in school so she wont be coming back for the Deepavali holidays.

Sebenarnya takda mood nak tulis ni..... tu sbb macam point form aje... Pagi2 dah kena lecture dgn my dad, coz i was late 10 minutes in sending Pu3 to him this morning. Arghh..... Yes papa.... I must discipline my self more...... I know you want to service your car, sorry because of me, you are late in sending the car.....


cikdinz said...

berkat pose kan. my wife pun dah kurus sket...hahaaa...

ms hart said...

Helena, dua dalam satu!! Pahala dapat, kurus pun dapat!! Tu yg hubby you nak tumpang pahala semangkuk rendang tu!! Aharks!!!

D said...

woo-hoo!! does that mean you're done with your puasa ganti too?

this year I'm doing things differently. let me share with you.

first, i puasa ganti: 10hari babe! and i did it in a row!!

then, i raya 2 hari (NB: seluar dah longgar, pipi dah hilang chubby). I then continued with my puasa syawal. today dah hari ke-5. esok ada lagi orang nak buat penutup open house so i buka sana je la. ok tak?

btw: losing weight is just the bonus, but a most welcomed one!!

Anonymous said...

sama la kiter...dh selamat dh poser 6 ..alhamdulillah...suami Helena pandai masak ye...ok la tuh...sejuk hati ...

Anonymous said...

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